ARoS in the sun, Aarhus

Summer in Aarhus

Touch, smell, taste, try out ... and have great fun on your summer holiday in Denmark

Spend a great summer vacation in Aarhus, where you can enjoy the countless activities and experiences the city has to offer all summer long – for you and your family, you and your loved one, or perhaps you and your friends.

Here, you will find good ideas on what to experience in Aarhus, and whether you are looking for action, speed, fun or simply a cosy atmosphere, the city will offer you a host of exciting options.

Summer and Romance in Aarhus...

Take an atmospheric trip to Aarhus with your loved one.

Aarhus is a modern city on the coast with lovely sandy beaches, where the two of you together can relax in comfort and enjoy each other's company while also having fun and enjoying a wealth of activities

First-rate things to do and see ...

Lilletorv med hestevogn i Den Gamle By i Aarhus

In recent years the attractions in Aarhus have experienced a remarkable and most well-deserved boom. In particular, Your rainbow panorama on the roof of the ARoS Art Museum has contributed enormously to raising the profile of Aarhus, both home and abroad. Similarly the new feature of a town district of 1974 in Den Gamle By (The Old Town Museum) has certainly introduced some unprecedented dimensions for any museum visitor.

Also Moesgaard Museum has elevated the museum experience in Aarhus. Here you are sure to get an exceptional and unique museum experience.

And do not miss Tivoli Friheden. This year the park and the cosy garden will offer plenty of experiences with beauty, entertainment, activities and much more. With its wide range of opportunities and entertainment, Tivoli Friheden is the ideal choice for all kinds of excursions.

Sommer i Tivoli Friheden

Yet all the other museums, both large and small, in Aarhus are also committed to telling you relevant stories that are bound to move you. There are many fascinating exhibitions which richly reward time spent there.

Cafés and restaurants

During summer Aarhus never sleeps. The city is full of vibrancy, excitement, friendliness and activity, with the cafés and restaurants offering a great atmosphere. Along the Aarhus River there is a lively, happy atmosphere full of joie de vivre. Take a break to enjoy the vibrancy and excitement around you.

The gastronomic standards are high, and the city's creative chefs never compromise on quality. Aarhus has three Michelin restaurants, all of which invites you along on an exceptional gastronomic journey.

You can also retreat to the 'Latin Quarter' that has its very own charm and vibrancy which, for many, is the essence of city life in Aarhus. The hours fly by quickly in this old city quarter, and perhaps a comfy sofa in a peaceful Aarhus café may turn out to be your fondest memory from your holiday together!

Quaint shops and small charming quarters

Shopping på markeder i Aarhus

Shopping in Aarhus

One of Aarhus' strengths is the great variety in shopping and design. In the main shopping street you will find all the well-known chain shops, while the Latin Quarter and the quirky shopping streets around the nearby Vestergade, Jægergaardsgade and Bruunsgade are filled with exciting one-of-a-kind shops.

If you are in the mood for a real shopping-spree, then the department stores Salling, Magasin and the shopping mall Bruun's Galleri are open seven days a week, and are all located in the heart of the city.

An active city by the sea

Kabelbane ved Aarhus Watersports Complex

Aarhus' location by the sea, its long coastline, and forest areas opens up a wide range of possibilities for an active holiday.

Easy access to bike pathsrunning pathsoutdoor gyms, and all sorts of water activities makes Aarhus an ideal place for an active lifestyle.

Would you rather relax by the water? Aarhus Ø is the newest quarter in Aarhus, here you will find urban gardens, Havnebadet, the Harbour Bath, cafées and a lounge area, where you can relax and enjoy each other’s company and the unique atmosphere.

Aarhus on bike

Aarhus is a fabulous bike city, and it is safe and easy to get in and around the city centre.

If you do not have your own bikes with you, you can rent a bike

Explore Aarhus on a guided tour

Aarhus offers many different guided tours, which provides the perfect overview of the city. You could for example join a guided bicycle tour with Cycling Aarhus. The tour takes you through history, culture, nature and urban life in Aarhus.

You can also explore Aarhus by joining a Food Walk or go on a running tour - this way get to know the city and feel its unique atmosphere

Aarhus with its beautiful backdrop of woods and beaches

In summer when it is time to enjoy nature in all its beauty, the beautiful natural surroundings in and around Aarhus hold pretty much everything you could wish for. The parks in the city centre and the beech woods near central Aarhus abound with vibrancy and warmth.

And if the two of you feel like enjoying the peacefulness together, then there are miles of great sandy bathing beaches and rustic wood paths for your pleasure. 

Evening comfort and nightlife

Enjoy the bright nights in the nightlife in Aarhus

When the daylight dims and the darkness of evening slowly descends upon Aarhus, the city's many stages and music venues really come to life. 

Whether you are into major performances and international stars at the Concert Hall Aarhus, or having a good time at the city's nightclubs, bars and pubs, or you want to seek out your own personal favourites among the small and intimate music venues, it is entirely up to you.

Nightly nestling...

In Aarhus you can choose your perfect accommodation before you arrive. The city boasts small intimate hotels with charmingly romantic rooms.

In Aarhus, you can in fact also enjoy this charming atmosphere at the many Danish and international hotels located here, where they take great pride in providing the very best of personal service to ensure that you will have a wonderfully memorable time. 

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