Frivillige ReThinkers i Ebeltoft
Frivillige ReThinkers i Randers
Photo:Per Bille&Per Bille

ReThinker Volunteers in Aarhus


Aarhus is known for its hospitality, and a clear sign of this is the huge number of volunteers who take good care of our guests year round. You too can be a part of the community and make a difference for the city, its guests and its residents.


We call our VisitAarhus volunteers ReThinkers!

As a ReThinker you:

  • Get to be part of a unique community that rises to the challenge of supporting a great number of the city’s cultural organizations, events and projects

  • Choose between meaningful volunteer opportunities freely

  • Decide how often and how much of your time you would like to give as a volunteer

  • Make Aarhus an even better city by contributing to increasing the visibility and development of the city of Aarhus


Make a difference

The special part of being a ReThinker volunteer is that you get to contribute to increasing the visibility and development of the city of Aarhus. You will also be a part of ensuring a fantastic experience that won’t be forgotten for the tens of thousands of visitors coming to the city every year and a high level of hospitality that is engrained in the identity of Aarhus.

Would you like to be a part of our community and make Aarhus an even better city? Register now and join the ReThinker volunteer program!

I think it’s a fantastic opportunity to join just the activities you would like to take part in [...] there is a sense of togetherness and community, and we are able to do something great for the city!

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