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Lighthouse på Aarhus Ø

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Photo:Sarah Green&Roar Paaske

Aarhus is a big city, and along with the Aarhus region as a whole, it is an exceptionally good and creative Danish holiday destination. Coming here on holiday entails pampering, pleasure, time to explore, fun, and quality time – and of course, countless exciting activities.

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In the Aarhus Region you will find cosy, historical towns, but also Denmark's second biggest city. Explore an abundance of attractions, wildlife parks, amusement parks, a stunning national park, lovely beaches, deep forests and rolling hills as well as world class art and culture - everything within easy driving distance.



Photo: Lise Balsby, ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum

Aarhus second city in Denmark is a city buzzing with life. Set on the Eastern edge of Jutland, Aarhus is surrounded by beautiful and historic nature. With world-class attractions that rival those of many larger cities, you are guaranteed to find something to enjoy in Denmark’s second largest city. 

The Lake District Søhøjlandet

Avnsø og Gudenåen ved Silkeborg

The Lake District

Photo: Helene Asp Møller

The Lake District is the highest situated region in Denmark, and this enchanting area is filled with luxuriant woodlands, soaring summits, and clean, deep lakes. In the Lake District, you will find the towns of SilkeborgSkanderborg, and Ry, and here, you will find the highest ’mountains’ in Denmark as well as the country’s highest density of lakes and forests.


The Viborg Cathedral from the outside


Photo: Frame & Work

Explore historical Viborg and its exceptional cathedral. The town is situated in the centre of Jutland and for a thousand years, it was the nation’s epicentre of power. This makes Viborg one of the oldest towns in Denmark, and its fascinating history dates back to ancient times.


Randers ved Mellerup



Randers is known for its beautiful scenery with Gudenåen and Randers Fjord, and its long history as a market town. Randers offers a wide range of experiences for both children and adults, and has unique experiences in art, culture and history. Holiday in Randers also means cozy shopping, delicious dining experiences and exciting events.

In a hidden clearing in the beautiful landscape around Gudenåen you will see Høj Stene in Favrskov, one of the largest Iron Age burial monuments in Northern Europe. You can also walk along lovely brooks and through the protected Alling Ådal river valley and its beautiful moors and lakes.


Djurs sommerland


Photo: Djurs Sommerland

The peninsula of Djursland is a veritable eldorado of fantastic experiences. Here, you can hop on board Denmark’s fastest roller coaster in Djurs Sommerland, get close to wildlife from around the world in Kattegatcentret aquarium, Ree Park Safari, Skandinavisk Dyrepark wildlife park, and Munkholm Zoo.

You can experience nature at its wildest in National Park Mols Bjerge, look forward to the best beach holiday of the season near some of Denmark’s best beaches – and the list simply goes on and on.


Elvehøj på Anholt


Photo: Sarah Green

Go on an island vacation between Denmark and Sweden. Anholt is a pearl of nature with Ørkenen (The Desert), Northern Europe’s largest low heath – which is one of the most distinctive natural areas in Denmark. There is a multitude of wildflowers and free birds.

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