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The city of Aarhus and the entire Aarhus Region is a particularly good and creative holiday area in Denmark. Here, holidays are synonymous with pampering, pleasure, immersion, fun and intimacy - and lots of experiences.

Visit the city of Aarhus, the old market town of Randers by the Gudenå River or the historic medieval town of Viborg - experience Denmark's outdoor capital Silkeborg in the beautiful Lake District Søhøjlandet with its mighty forests, lakes and high mountains or explore Djursland's many attractions that are like pearls on a string.

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In the Aarhus Region, you will find small, cozy, and historic towns, Denmark's second-largest city, Aarhus.

You'll discover a wide range of attractions, zoos, and amusements, an exceptional national park, and a nature national park, beautiful beaches, plenty of lush nature, and world-class art and culture – all within a very short driving distance.

Below, you can see a map of the Aarhus Region and selected overviews where you can filter based on your preferences and needs.

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