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Art and architecture

Both inside and outside in Aarhus you’re met with great art and architecture. Besides Aarhus Townhall you can experience classic Danish architecture at for example Aarhus University which is characterized by the yellow brick buildings where several of the beautiful facades are covered with ivy.

The university is one of the twelve most meaningful architectural works in Danish history according to the Danish Ministry of Culture.

Around the city you are met by examples of murals and street art, for example in the Latin Quarter and in the area around Godsbanen. You can also find several small independent galleries and the exhibition gallery Kunsthal Aarhus where you can experience national and international contemporary art.

The art museum ARoS is worth a visit both whether you’re interested in architecture and art or not. Art greets you from the very moment you set your eyes on the reddish-brown building with the rainbow roof. The piece at the very top is by the Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson and is titled ‘Your rainbow panorama’.

Inside, you can take the lift to the top floor and see Aarhus in 360 degrees in all the colours of the rainbow. Experience art in the museum’s temporary exhibitions and see some of the museum’s large collection in the permanent exhibitions.

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Nature in the City

Aarhus Municipality have had it as a goal for the past 40 years to let Aarhus be a green city. And in Aarhus you’re never far from nature.

The Infinite Bridge in Aarhus

The Infinite Bridge

Northeast of the city centre you find beautiful Riis Skov, a forest that’ll quickly make you forget that you’re in the middle of the city. Here, there’s a view over Aarhus Bugt and easy access to Den Permanente, a small beach area with a view of the city.

South of the centre of Aarhus you’ll find Marselisborg Memorial park where, in Spring, you can see the cherry blossoms or enjoy the beautiful autumnal colours at the end of the year. In the summer, you can go for a walk on the bathing pier and artwork Den Uendelig Bro – The Infinite Bridge.

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