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Ree Park Safari

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Photo: Ree Park Safari

Get your updates here when you want to visit the most popular attractions, the biggest natural resorts, the wildest animal parks, or if you want to find unique and hidden treasures around the region. 

Jon Edlund - your local guide to Aarhus
Photo: Frame & Work

Like a Local

Be inspired by the locals - the real people, who live in the region, and who knows about the tiniest and largest experiences, as well as the hidden gems. Find a person or an experience you want to follow on your trip to the Aarhus Region. 

Your rainbow panorama på toppen af ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum
Photo: Your rainbow panorama, Olafur Eliasson, 2006-2011, ARoS Art Museum, foto Lise Balsby

The 25 most frequently visited attractions in the Aarhus Region

Do not miss this when you visit Aarhus and the Aarhus Region. Here, you will find the 25 most frequently visited attractions around the region, and you will be surprised to see how versatile they are.


The best guide to: Animals from around the globe

The best zoos, animal parks and safaris – in the Aarhus region, you can truly get close to wild as well as tame animals, and special attention is always paid to the animals to ensure that they have the space they need to live and roam around the way they do in their natural habitats.


The 20 best activities for children

Bring your children on holiday in the Aarhus region. Here, you will find a great selection of wonderful activities and experiences for children and much more that will make your family holiday absolutely unforgettable.


The 14 best experiences in nature

Do not miss these natural wonders, when you visit Aarhus and the Aarhus Region. Here, you will find the seven most frequently visited nature attractions so that you can pinpoint the ones that suit your interests.


Event Highlights in Aarhus and the Aarhus region

There is always something going on in Aarhus and in the Aarhus region. Aarhus is also known to be a city of music with a great variety of stages and genres and you can always join in to festivals all year round.


The best beaches in the Aarhus Region

In the Aarhus Region you will find a 360-kilometre blue band of coastline and lovely beaches beautifully frames Eastern Jutland along the region’s eastern rim. Along the way, you will meet long, child-friendly beaches with fine, white sand and shallow water.

People hiking in the Silkeborg Woods in Denmark
Photo: Magnus Torfoss

Hiking in The Aarhus Region

Time to get out the hiking boots - in The Aarhus Region there are many great hiking possibilities. Through forests, valleys, by lakes, streams and beaches and even in the Danish "mountains".


Biking routes in the Aarhus Region

The Aarhus region deserves to be experienced from a bike. On the bike, you will get up close with the nature, feel the breeze on your face and make unforgettable memories on your trip around the region

Locked Escape Rooms Randers
Photo: Locked Escape Rooms Randers

Mystery Hunts and Wild Escape Games

Do you love a good mystery – and do you like to work on solving a problem, even though it seems insolvable? Here, we have compiled information on some of the best Escape Rooms and Escape Tours found in the Aarhus Region.


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