Hotel Oasia i Aarhus
Pool på Golf Hotel Viborg

Sleep tight in the Aarhus Region

Photo:City Hotel Oasia&Golf Hotel Viborg

A more sustainable choice

Can you make your choices more green and sustainable? Yes, you can, which is why we have collated some great tips and recommendations on how you can easily take both small and large steps.

Focus on sustainability


Look for the Green Label!

When exploring our website, look out for the distinctive Green Experience label! This green label Green Experience acts as your guide and shows that the place is officially certified in sustainability.

Certified places to stay

What does the Green Label mean?

Green Experience means that the venue goes to great lengths to take care of our planet. From energy efficiency to recycling and local initiatives, the Green Label is your assurance of a responsible and eco-friendly experience.

All certified experiences

Glamping in the Aarhus Region

Want to try something different? Have a look at the unique options that the Aarhus region has to offer. Like sleeping in an authentic Italian wine cask or waking up to the sounds of wolves and bears close by.

Overnatning i Ree Park Safari på Djursland
Photo: Ree Park Safari

Accommodation along the river Gudenå

Terrassen Camping i Silkeborg

Sleep tight near Gudenåen

Photo: Terrassen Camping

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