Vacation in Aarhus

Find information and inspiration about Aarhus such as new experiences, attractions, museums, accommodation, events and activities as well as shopping, restaurants, and practical information for your holiday.

Whether you travel alone, with friends or family you can find all the information and suggestions you need right here!

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Planning a trip to Aarhus?

A vibrant mix of youthful energy and a living history is what makes Aarhus a city with an energetic beat. In Aarhus, when we say walking distance, we really do mean walking distance.
Be inspired for your stay in the Aarhus area, whether you want a city break in Aarhus, wonderful outdoor activities in the Lake District around Silkeborg and Skanderborg or a family trip to the great nature and parks on Djursland.

Outside Aarhus

Add to your stay in Aarhus with some of the experiences waiting just around the corner. In the area around Aarhus, on Djursland and in the Lake District you find some of the most breathtaking nature. And the attractions are like pearls on a string - both for children and adults!

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