Østre Søbad i Silkeborg
MTB gennem grandskov i Søhøjlandet ved Silkeborg
Silkeborg Kommune
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Denmark’s Outdoor Capital

The town Silkeborg has achieved the international status of Denmark’s Outdoor Capital®, and as the title suggests, the area is simply bursting with amazing adventures for all nature lovers.

Silkeborg is also part of the Danish Lake District, Søhøjlandet, where the forest and water extend into the heart of the town. Have a lovely day of shopping in the town center's charming shops and one of Denmark's greenest pedestrian streets, where culture and nature merge at several spots along the way.

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In Silkeborg, you can quickly get around - by bike and on foot. In fact, you can truly feel the atmosphere as you're guided past Silkeborg's attractions and cultural treasures, for example, via the Silk Route, where you can simultaneously enjoy the beautiful views, hilly terrain, and the changing nature both in and around Silkeborg's city center.

Take a virtual tour right now - in the video 'Silkeborg - where nature meets the city' below.

Silkeborg ved Gudenåen

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Noget Bedre Festival i Silkeborg

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Through Denmark's Outdoor Capital flows the Gudenå River, locally known as Remstrup Å. The east side of Remstrup Å is home to Silkeborg Paper Mill Papirfabrikken, established in 1844, while the west side became the location of the trading post Silkeborg around the large square.

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The ultimate classic experience in the Lake District Søhøjlandet is a trip with the world's oldest paddle steamer, Hjejlen, which takes you on a beautiful cruise amidst hills and forests, where you can disembark and enjoy the view from  the Sky Mountain Himmelbjerget.

Skulpturparked ved Kunstcenter Silkeborg Bad

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Denmark's Outdoor Capital

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Silkeborg - Part of the Lake Districts

Silkeborg, Denmark's Outdoor Capital, is situated in the heart of the Lake District Søhøjlandet - one of Denmark's largest natural areas with lakes, forests, and mountains.

The Lake District, internationally known as Denmark's Lake District, is an absolute must-visit for those who enjoy active and beautiful nature experiences.

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Denmark's Outdoor Capital

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