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Marie-Louise og Anne-Cathrine - lokale i Aarhus
Benno Blæsild, Lokal på Djursland

Aarhus Region Like a Local

Photo:Tania Nørgaard&Alexander Håkansson

Be inspired by the locals – the people who live in the area and who know about the small as well as big adventures to be had in the area, and of course the hidden gems. Find the person or the experiences you would like to explore and get to know when visiting the Aarhus region.

Meet all the locals - who do you want to be inspired by?

Meet the Locals on YouTube

Come on a tour of the Aarhus region today with one of the locals and hear their recommendations for your visit to the area.

Jon Edlund - like a local in the Aarhus Region

With Jon around Aarhus

Familien Saxtoft Højlund, lokale på Djursland

With the Højlunds around Djursland

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