Benno Blæsild, Lokal på Djursland

Benno Blæsild

Photo: Alexander Håkansson

Local in Aarhus and Djursland

Benno was born near Skanderborg, and today, he lives in Allingåbro in the peninsula of Djursland. The way he sees it, being as dedicated to your local region when you live in Eastern Jutland as he is, is not simply a choice, it is one’s destiny.

In his private life, Benno is married to Bettina Buhl, whom you may have heard of before, as she is the curator and food historian at Det Grønne Museum – The Green Museum. Benno himself used to be a curator at Den Gamle By – The Old Town Museum and later on manager at Fregatten Jylland, the world’s longest wooden ship.

Despite the fact that he has lived in several different places around the world, Benno’s heart beats only for Eastern Jutland. This is not a choice on his part, but destiny, Benno believes; much like being destined to be a supporter of Aarhus’ local football team, AGF – which is sometimes a rather painful experience.

Benno Blæsild, Lokal på Djursland


Family, art, football, Italy, and English countryside bliss.

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