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Aarhus – A cultural love story

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I cannot recommend a visit to Aarhus highly enough. This city is constantly evolving and has a young ‘vibe’, but there is always room and activities enough for all generations to fall in love with. Let’s get started …

✍️ By Anne Margrethe Ladekjær
Aarhus by locals

Best Travel Tips

Anne Margrethe’s tips for a day in Aarhus

  1. Be prepared for and open to new experiences.
  2. Bring a hat or an umbrella in case it rains. You will have the most fun if you are not soaking wet.
  3. Look into parking facilities and regulations in Aarhus, as there are red, yellow, and green zones as well as free parking areas.

Margrethes Guide: Let's go!

Why should we come to Aarhus for the cultural activities?

Because of the wide selection of things for you to see and do! At the big cultural institutions such as Moesgaard Museum, ARoS Aarhus Art Museum, and Den Gamle By – The Old Town Museum, but even during a stroll along the streets and squares of the Latin Quarter and along the stream. It is easy to get around because the attractions are located quite close to each other, and the atmosphere is cosy and vibrant at the same time.

Which cultural attractions stand out in Aarhus?

I particularly love the cultural stretch from City Hall, across the Concert Hall Aarhus park and further down to Godsbanen where an innovative vibe invites you in. Aarhus City Hall is always worth a visit, and you are more than welcome to take a look inside as long as you ask the City Hall guard on duty at the desk. On select days, you can book guided tours of the building and up the tower.

Aarhus Concert Hall is well worth a visit, as well. Here, you will find lot of art and a café, should you need a refreshment. And the same goes for ARoS – a walk around the Your rainbow panorama is an absolute must during your first visit to Aarhus, because who would not like to see the city in every colour and become part of the work of art themselves? From here, you can continue down-hill to the creative spaces at Godsbanen, where a delicious meal awaits you in the industrial setting. People come and they go at the many workshops, theatre stages, and music venues.

And once you are at Godsbanen, you cannot forget the fascinating activities taking place behind it. Here, you will find Institut for X in the old barracks from the golden age of train production with garages, pop-up music events, and restaurants. If you would like to meet a Christiania pastiche in Denmark’s smallest big city, this is the place to go. It is not without reason that the area is known as Aarhus K – K for kultur – as ‘kulturen’ unfolds here with a rich diversity.

Which three hidden gems in Aarhus would you recommend?

  • The crypt church below Vor Frue Kirke church. This is the oldest stone church in any of the Nordic countries, with roots going as far back as to the Viking Age.
  • Den Gamle By – The Old Town Museum by night. After hours, you can walk around the old streets lit by gas lights and look at the amazing houses dating back to various periods, take in the silence and the calm air and simply relax. In the summer, you can be so lucky as to run into open-air theatre performances.
  • Antikmuseet has the only collection of casts outside of Copenhagen. Unlike other museums, Antikmuseet is open on Mondays. It is however closed in July.

Where will we find the best oases in the city?

Aarhus’ Botanical Garden is located right next to Den Gamle By – The Old Town Museum, and a visit there can be combined with a visit to the Væksthusene greenhouses. It is absolutely magical to walk through the different climate zones, hear exotic bird sounds and the fish splashing in the water in Palmehuset, while butterflies flutter around between the trees.

Solgården in the Aarhus University Park. It is situated quite high and has a view of a park with streams and lakes. The only real campus-area in Denmark and at the same time uniquely beautiful. Light rail will take you up the hill and you are still in Aarhus C.

In Det Kongelige Bibliotek - the Royal Library you can get refreshments and find a lovely oasis in the library garden.

What is currently the most interesting part of Aarhus?

Aarhus Ø, Godsbanen, and the southern part of the harbour, Sydhavnen, and that is just in central Aarhus. At Sydhavnen, new meets old in an industrial area which is undergoing changes from below as well from above. A creative and alternative environment meets the streamlined look of Medie- & filmbyen. I highly recommend a stroll down Universitetsbyen in what used to be the region’s main hospital. An all new part of town is emerging in the former hospital buildings, and new facilities join them.

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