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Aarhus by locals

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The locals know their areas, they know about the little, quirky, hidden places, and also about the absolute 'must-sees', that you should not miss. Follow in the footsteps of one of the locals and explore the areas ‘like a local’.

Jon Edlund - your local guide to Aarhus
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Jon Edlund

Jon Daniel Edlund is an Aarhus boy through and through, who won the hearts of every Danish TV viewer in 2018, when he was a contestant on The Great Danish Bake-Off and dazzled everyone with his baking skills as well as his infectious enthusiasm for food and cakes.
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Anne Margrethe Ladekjær, lokal i Aarhus
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Anne Margrethe Ladekjær

Anne Margrethe Ladekjær is passionated about architecture, art, nature and culture.
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Catrine Høy Hansen - experience Aarhus like a local
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Catrine Høy Hansen

Catrine Høy Hansen was born and raised in Aarhus, and today, she lives in the most recently established part of town, Aarhus Ø.
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Marie Carlsen - lokal i Aarhus
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Marie Carlsen

Marie Carlsen was born in Aarhus, but grew up in the country. Ten years ago, she moved back to the city, where she is living today together with her wife, Sara, and their three children.
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Maries best recommendations

Marie-Louise and Anne-Cathrine, Aarhus

Marie-Louise and Anne-Cathrine are twins and live in Aarhus, where Anne-Cathrine studies to become a Design Manager, and Marie-Louise is a Digital Content Specialist at Tivoli Friheden.
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Benno Blæsild, Lokal på Djursland
Photo: Alexander Håkansson

Benno Blæsild

Benno was born in Østbirk south-west of Skanderborg, and today, he lives in Allingåbro in the peninsula of Djursland. The way he sees it, being as dedicated to your local region when you live in Eastern Jutland as he is, is not simply a choice, it is one’s destiny.
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Familien Lava Carlsen
Photo: Martin Gravgaard

Roar og Familien Lava Carlsen

The Lava Carlsen family lives in Risskov on the outskirts of Aarhus and they love being close to the city, the forest, and especially the sea. 
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Lokal guide Claus Christensen
Photo: Alexander Håkansson

Claus Christensen

Claus Christensen was born in Næstved on the Danish island of Zealand, however today, he has been living in Aarhus for more than 50 years. According to Claus, the best thing about Aarhus is that this little big city can it all and has it all, and everything is within reach
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Find more inspiration to experiencing the Aarhus Region like a local.

Like a Local

Jon Edlund - your local guide to Aarhus
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Elsebeth Egholm, lokal i Aarhus
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Den lokale guide Claus Chrisetnsen
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