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Photo: Moesgaard Museum

Children's culture, fun and games, high pulse and beautiful breathing spaces. Family holidays in Aarhus, Denmark's second largest city, are closely linked to beaches, forests and cultural life - a paradise of activities for the whole family.

Great cultural experiences at a child's level

If you like having a good time you need to check this out! In Aarhus you can really get a blast, you can see, try out and touch the past, live the present, and explore the future.

And you can get close up to animals of all kinds, do all sorts of sports, and have great fun at wild and amusing playgrounds.

Tip: All museums in Aarhus offer free admission for anyone under 18, while most other cultural institutions have favorable prices for children and youth.

Photo: Your rainbow panorama, Olafur Eliasson, 2006 - 2011, ARoS Aarhus Art Museum. Fotograf: Anders Trærup

In the middle of Aarhus, you will find Den Gamle By. Here you can go on an exciting and fun journey through time and experience how children and young people played and worked in the olden days. Just a stone's throw from Den Gamle By, and in the middle of the Botanical Garden, you will find the impressive greenhouses. Here you can visit the four climatic zones and travel to faraway places for a day, walking around in humid warmth among fluttering butterflies, lifelike animal sounds, big trees, and wild plants.

If you're curious about learning something new, take a trip to the Steno Museum and experience science and astronomy at eye level, or learn more about the world of nature at the Natural History Museum.

Photo: Maria Randima, Aarhus Universitet og Science Museerne

By the waterfront, you'll find the impressive cultural and multimedia center, DOKK1, which serves as a link between the sea and the city of Aarhus. Here, you can easily spend a whole day playing, dressing up, and having fun on the indoor and outdoor playgrounds.

A little south of Aarhus is Moesgaard Museum. This fantastic museum brings history to life and makes it understandable even for the youngest children. Here, you can walk in the footsteps of people from the past through interactive exhibitions and, of course, also meet Grauballe Man, the world's best-preserved bog body.

If kids and adults need to burn off some energy, you can end the trip at the museum with a run up Moesgaard's steep roof or a walk along the four km long Ancient Trail, which goes from the museum to Moesgaard Beach.

Breathing spaces with room for play

Aarhus has many breathing spaces that can be enjoyed by both children and adults in between the big experiences. Or just on their own. At Havnepladsen close to DOKK1, you will find the fountain Endless Connection, where you can jump in and out between the two-meter-high water walls and experience Aarhus Harbor in a whole new way. Remember to bring a change of clothes ?

And if you're into playground fun, there are several options. In addition to the lovely playgrounds at DOKK1, the Botanical Garden offers a large playground with a zipline, water experiences, and a carousel. Visit also the cozy playground, Børnenes Jord, where children can play freely and greet goats and rabbits or visit the Tumlepladsen in Riis Skov, where you can challenge yourself on the obstacle course and then reward yourself with marshmallows over the fire at the accompanying bonfire site.

Photo: Photopop, VisitAarhus

Taking a walk through Marselisborg Deer Park is a lovely way to slow down and relax with the family. Here you can get up close to both deer, fallow deer, and wild boar. And if you bring apples and carrots, the deer and fallow deer will love you for it. They are happy to be fed, just not with bread and pasta, as they cannot digest it.

If you're looking to pick up the pace and want a place to skate, Godsbanen is the place to be. There are good skateboarding opportunities for both beginners and experienced children and adults.

Beach play and water fun

In Aarhus, everything is within close proximity, including the sea. This provides plenty of opportunities for a dip or other beach activities. Spend the morning at one of the city's many beaches. South of Aarhus, surrounded by beautiful nature, lies Moesgård Beach. Here, you have a lovely sandy beach where there is room to lie and bask in the sun.

At Tangkrogen, located in the extension of Marselisborg Marina, you can feel the pulse of the city while enjoying the beach, which is known for its stone-free sandy bottom and shallow water perfect for children's feet.

Photo: Photopop, VisitAarhus

If you visit Åkrogen Beach between Risskov and Egå, you can feel the wind, sand, sky, the sound of the waves, and excitement in your stomach. There's both the opportunity to lie by the water and plenty of activities, including a nature playground and a beach volleyball court, as well as watching the many colorful wind and kite surfers.

For an adrenaline rush, it's worth stopping by Aarhus Watersports Complex, the cableway in the heart of Aarhus. Here, you can try your hand at wakeboarding. The cableway is located near the city's harbor pool on Aarhus Ø, where you can take a refreshing dip and indulge in the many delicious food stalls.

Speed and action

In walking distance to the city center, you'll find the amusement park Tivoli Friheden, offering plenty of fun and coziness for both big and small. If you love speed and cars, Racehall is definitely also something for you.

Or you can choose to use a lot of energy in Eventpark Aarhus, where you can jump around in bouncy castles, ball pits, and slides or go crazy in some of the many activities in DGI-Huset Aarhus.

Photo: Photopop, VisitAarhus

Child-friendly dining experiences

When hunger strikes, there are plenty of options to satisfy both small and big appetites. Take a walk along the river and have brunch at one of the many cafes, where you can enjoy the cozy atmosphere under the umbrellas. At Godsbanen, you will find Spiselauget. Here, culture, food, and people come together, and there is plenty of space for the whole family. You could even try their popular weekend brunch.

Photo: Kasper Baarup Holmboe

At Salling ROOFTOP, there's room for grand gestures. You can enjoy lunch with a breathtaking view of Aarhus, and you can venture out on the iconic sky-walk and feel the rush or take a swing on the sky swings. Later, you can swing by Aarhus Street Food, where gastronomy from all corners of the world meets, and there's room for messy fingers and play.

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