Feeding the otters in AQUA Aquarium & Wildlife Park

Silkeborg – Loveable experiences for families with young children

Photo: AQUA Akvarium & Dyrepark

Silkeborg is Denmark’s Outdoor Capital. This is the perfect place if you love nature. Get ready for lots of room and space for you and your family to immersive yourself in wonderful nature and fun activities. 

✍️ By Thomas Frydenlund
Lake District by locals

Thomas Frydenlund is a local in Silkeborg where he lives with his wife and three kids aged 9, 7, and 3. He is your perfect guide during a mini-getaway with kids to Silkeborg. Get his answers to what you should see and experience when you are in town.

Best Travel Tips

Thomas' tips for a stay in Silkeborg:

  1. Accommodation. Vejlsøhus Hotel is a lovely hotel in scenic surroundings close to AQUA Akvarium & Dyrepark and Almind Sø lake. Here, you have free parking and access to electric car chargers.
  2. Parking. You will find great parking facilities in the heart of town, and the first two hours are free. After that, each hour costs 15 DKK.
  3. The icing on the cake. Rent a canoe at Silkeborg Kanocenter and spend half a day at the Gudenåen River. From here, you can go to Indelukket and try out the new playground.
  4. Restaurants. Enjoy a perfect ending to your day at one of the town’s incredible restaurants. The Mexican La Casita has delicious kids’ dishes, the Italian VIVI truly spoils your palate, while Ludvigslyst takes care of your Sunday dinner.
  5. Outdoor. Pack your hiking boots and your mountain bike, if you have one; Silkeborg has a wide selection of outdoor activities in store for you!

Thomas' Guide: Let's go!

Why is Silkeborg the perfect place to go for us as a family with young children?

Silkeborg has a lot to offer when you are outdoors, too. Go for a walk in the forest, glide through the water in a canoe, or jump in one of the lakes. Regardless what you choose, you will find it all close to town, where the amazing landscape is never far, either. You will find a great atmosphere, serenity, and the possibility of spending lots of time together – perfect for families looking for child-friendly activities.

How do we get around town?

You can get around by car or use some of the many walking and cycling routes, where nature is all around. At a large part of the places of accommodation around town, you can leave your car behind and simply walk or get on a bus to some of the surrounding parts of Silkeborg.

Where should we go to experience the greatest attractions of the area?

1. Definitely AQUA Aquarium & Wildlife Park. Here, you will get unique insight into the wildlife found in Denmark and you are sure to learn how we can take better care of the planet that we share. Furthermore, fun activities such as otter feedings and a patting pool full of fish are available, just as you can come close to the goats and see where the beavers sleep. There is plenty of room to move around in around the big water playground that has a jungle gym, a jumping pillow, and a zip wire. The animal park is quite easy to get around in, even with a pushchair.

2. At Art Centre Silkeborg Bad, you can go for a walk around the art centre’s beautiful sculpture park, play the outdoor instruments and search for the giant troll, Stærke Storm. During the search, you will come past bunkers that you can explore and have great talks with your children about. Enjoy your packed lunches in the beautiful surroundings or perhaps order lunch at Café Ørnsø with a wonderful view of the lakes.

3. Do not miss the unforgettable experience of visiting Silkeborg Eagle Sanctuary & Bison Farm, which is yet another beautiful, but different experience. Here, you get to see a raptor show with owls, falcons, and eagles flying close by you, go on a bison safari, or grab a burger at the burger bar.

Where will we find the locals’ favourite attractions?

1. In the part of town called Indelukket, you will find a new, big playground for children of all ages. It was built with the intention of motivating children to move around and be active. Treat yourself to an ice cream or a cup of coffee while the children are playing, have a round of miniature golf or go out on a sail on board the world’s oldest coal-fired paddle steamer, ‘Hjejlen’, around the Silkeborg lakes.

2. Skovgaard Slagter & Gårdbutik is a butcher and farm shop in Them that certainly is worth a visit, as well. The lovely farm shop is packed with top-quality meat and ingredients – and have a look inside the barn with its 500 dairy cows to learn a bit about the lives of cows.

3. At Ømosebær, you can pick all sorts of berries when they are in season. Indulge in a delicious soft serve ice cream cone with home-made blueberry jam and let the kids have fun at the playground.

4. Almind Sø is one of the cleanest lakes in Denmark and highly popular among families with young children – particularly since the lakeside baths were restored. Jump in the lake, walk around it, or have a cup of coffee at the coffee stand.

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"As a biologist, I may not be wearing my goggles, but at least my professional glasses when I visit the coast of this region. I cannot help it. And most places, you are in for much more than just a nice, refreshing swim among the waves." - Kim Rath Kofoed

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