Couple on a Weekend Getaway in National Park Mols Bjerge on Djursland

Weekend getaway in Djursland

Photo: Bo Skaarup

Let the calm settle in and enjoy a weekend stay in Djursland. Here, you and your partner can experience a delightful combination of classic coastal towns and old market towns. Enjoy the romantic town of Ebeltoft and explore the city's glass museum and the world's longest wooden ship.

Ebeltoft town - a romantic getaway in Djursland

Are you looking for a cozy and charming place to spoil your loved one? Then head to Ebeltoft in Djursland and experience a town full of history, culture, and a lovely vacation atmosphere. Here, you can walk hand in hand through the cobblestone streets, admire the old half-timbered houses, and enjoy the maritime atmosphere.

In Ebeltoft, you will also find exciting sights and activities for two. One of them is the Frigate Harbor, where you can visit the impressive museum ship, the Frigate Jylland. Here, you can see what life was like for sailors in the 1800s and perhaps even kiss under the deck.

Also, treat yourselves to a visit to the nearby Glass - Museum of Glass Art, where you can see some of the most beautiful glass art produced by artists from around the world.

End the day with a lavish meal at the Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurant, Restaurant Moment, which serves exquisite dishes based on fresh and sustainable vegetables.

Restaurants in Djursland

Nature - magnificent and historical

Djursland is also known for its magnificent nature - Mols Bjerge National Park and other fascinating natural areas.

Kalø Castle Ruin in National Park Mols Bjerge on Djursland
Photo: Roar Paaske

Spend a day visiting the two neighboring museums, Gammel Estrup and Det Grønne Museum. Here you can experience an exciting glimpse into how manor life, hunting, forestry, agriculture, and food worked in the old days.

Then head to Mols Bjerge National Park - a huge natural area shaped by the latest ice age. Enjoy a hike, the tranquility of nature, the company of your loved one, and the beautiful surroundings - visit for example the ruins of Kalø Castle, which combines outstanding nature and fascinating history.

For dinner, you can enjoy a meal at the restaurant Molskroen, located at the entrance to Mols Bjerge with a beautiful view of Ebeltoft Bay.

Wellness and pampering

Wellness is a fantastic way to treat yourself and your loved one. It's a perfect opportunity to escape from the stresses of everyday life and enjoy some relaxing and romantic moments together. Enjoy everything from a spa day with massages and facials to a luxurious stay at a wellness hotel with a spa, sauna, and jacuzzi.

Vildmarksbade på Lübker Golf & Spa Resort på Djursland

Spoil each other with a trip to Lübker Golf and Spa Resort, and enjoy the wonderful facilities. You can relax in an outdoor wilderness bath, steam and hot tub, cold water tub, spa lounge, and much more.

You can have lunch in the lounge, Square Lounge, which serves food from the cafe. When you are re-energized, you can return home with good memories in your luggage and who knows? Perhaps your luggage also contains some new clothes, glass art, and souvenirs from your trips around Djursland.

On your way around Djursland, you will come across signs for "Farm Shop", "Farm Brewery", "Winery", and the like - stop by and enjoy the delicious local flavors.

Outdoor can be more than just outdoor!

The animal parks in Djursland are something quite special. Extra space has been provided for the animals, and it is a pleasure to see them frolic and enjoy life. Alternatively, you can spend a sunny day lounging and enjoying each other's company on one of the many beautiful beaches along the coast of Djursland.

Where do you want to sleep?

Whether you prefer the coziness of a summerhouse or the indulgence of a luxury hotel, or if you're up for sleeping among lions, giraffes, and rhinos, you have plenty of options to choose from. You can opt for a comfortable hotel, luxurious cabins with views of a savannah from your bed, shelters located next to wolves and bears, or even stay in a treehouse.

The choices are many, and it's up to you to decide.

Tips for your trip to Djursland

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