Aarhus Ø vinter

Enjoy A Winter City Break In Aarhus

Photo: Roar Paaske

Winter is that cold time of year, perfect for enjoying the warm company of loved ones. This is the perfect time for you to pamper yourself and your partner with great experiences and a little extra luxury.

And Aarhus, second city ind Denmark - has it all. All year round there are a lot of events and culture and you can also enjoy the city’s peaceful retreats and experiences which are waiting to welcome you, the beautiful winter scenery of the forest, the serene trickle of the waves and the area’s endless list of indoor and outdoor activities.

Here, you can also enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the winter sun in one of the city’s cosy cafés and coffee houses, which are found side by side in the narrow streets of the city’s local quarters. At Åboulevarden you can enjoy an almost southern atmosphere of a lively buzz, relaxation and people chit-chatting, or you can enjoy the calmness found in the area’s streets and passages.

The cold weather is perfect for exploring some of the many museums Aarhus has to offer. Moesgaard Museum is a world class experience with breathtaking architecture and innovative presentation. The past comes alive, and you sense the people behind the exhibits on display, which brings you amazingly close to the past that has created the present.

In the city centre, a wide array of other attractions will tempt you with exciting exhibits that will allow you to immerse yourselves in experiences far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Just like a visit at the ARoS Art Museum and Your rainbow panorama at the top and a tour around Den Gamle By - The Old Town Museum is an unforgettable experience during your stay in Aarhus..

A walk through the old streets of Aarhus will get the blood rolling in all keen shoppers.

Here, you can stroll in and out of shops offering not only exquisite design and quality, but an intimate atmosphere and great service. This is the perfect place to find a wonderful souvenir from your visit in Aarhus.

At night time, the city’s restaurants are ready to welcome you with delicious menus, which will give your taste buds an experience out of the ordinary.

Gastronomy is on the rise in Aarhus – and you can choose one of the city’s fantastic gourmet restaurants, or you can look for your own personal favorite among the diverse selection of tempting restaurants in the inner city’s narrow streets.

Sleep tight

When the stars have come out and you have enjoyed your last glass of wine, the city’s wide variety of hotels are ready to welcome you and your loved one for the night.

Whether it is in a designer hotel, a small or large hotel, this is where you can kick back and reflect on an eventful day in Aarhus while you get ready for another exciting day tomorrow.

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