Gastronomy, Restaurants and Nightlife

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Enjoy great food and "hyggelige" nightlife in Aarhus

The gastronomic standards are high, and the city’s creative gourmet chefs never compromise on quality. All of four Michelin stars put Aarhus in the prestigious company of the world’s gastronomic elite.

The Nordic Kitchen offers newly caught fish from the Aarhus bay landed at the harbour, local delicacies, vegetables from the island of Samsø, and fresh produce from the neighbouring Djursland peninsula.

Did you know that Aarhus is awarded two stars in the acclaimed and renowned Michelin Travel Guide. And also restaurants, attractions and hotels have been awarded stars in the Michelin Guide.

Whether the chefs are inspired by international cusine or faithful toward the Danish kitchen, you will find something for all budgets – and you only have to round the next corner, and it will be like you've traveled from Paris to Barcelona in seconds.

Restaurants in Aarhus

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Local specialities

Taste the local specialities - f.x. local beer at Aarhus Bryggeriet.

Local specialities

Nightlife in Aarhus

When the light softens and the darkness creeps in Aarhus, the music and the many bars awake.

Enjoy the bright nights in the nightlife in Aarhus

When the night falls....

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