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Randers Regnskov - Tropical Zoo

Randers Regnskov (Rainforest) is located in the centre of Randers, between Randers City and the river Gudenåen. It is one of Denmark's biggest tourist attractions, featuring three different rain forest continents under separate domes: South America, Asia and Africa.

Experiences for everybody! 

In the domes, you will find a fantastic environment in which you can wander around in a tropical climate between giant liana vines, buttress trees, a roaring waterfall and over 250 animal species.

Stand face-to-face with free-roaming monkeys, birds and bats. Meet roaring jaguars, sloths, crocodiles and friendly manatees. In Randers Regnskov the animals are on their own turf – and you get to be extremely close! Randers Regnskov is a true nature and animal sensation.

See the opening hours for the Rainforest right here.

The jaguars have moved to Randers - with their own pool 

In the South American rain forest there lives a large cat. Its bite is so powrful that it can crush the shield of a tortoise without problem. In Randers Regnskov you can be close to these beautiful jaguars in their new jaguar gardens. The jaguars also have their own pool - come and experience the jaguars gambol in the water.

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