Christmas market in Friheden

Christmas highlights in Aarhus

Photo: Tivoli Friheden

Christmas is atmosphere, cosiness and traditions. In Aarhus you will find it all.

Christmas in Den Gamle By - The Old Town Museum
In Den Gamle By (Old Town Museum) you can experience the history of Christmas through more than four centuries. Tables are set and it is beautifully decorated everywhere in the same way that it was done from the 17th century right up to 1974.
Christmas in Tivoli Friheden
Enjoy and experience the magic of Tivoli Friheden as it is transformed into a enchanting Christmas market where Christmas lights, decorations and the normal rides set the scene for a magical Christmas day.
Christmas at the Concert Hall
The Concert Hall in Aarhus offers various events during the month of December, to help create a true Christmas spirit for the grown-up audience. Warmth and chills will spread in the hall when singing, music and dancing contribute to a blessed and joyous Christmas.
Christmas shopping in Aarhus
A stroll through the charming city quarters in Aarhus at Christmas time is always an atmosphere-filled experience. Find the perfect Christmas gift in one of the small shops or in one of the shopping centers.
Visit the best Christmas markets in Aarhus
Visit one of the cosy Christmas markets in Aarhus where you can buy everything from unique Christmas gifts, beautiful Christmas decorations and try some of the traditional Danish Christmas treats. Bring along you family and get in the right Christmas spirit.
Enjoy a glass of wine or a mulled wine on Salling ROOFTOP
The Salling Rooftop is a sensational roof terrace with a café and a urban oasis on the roof of the Salling department store in the centre of Aarhus. From the rooftop there are fabulous panoramic views of ARoS Art Museum, Aarhus Cathedral, the Aarhus Ø city quarter, and many other popular Aarhus locations.
Christmas concerts in the churches of Aarhus
Let the peace of Christmas descend you during December when the churches of Aarhus offer a superb programme of classical Yuletide concerts and Christmas events.
See the giant Christmas tree light up
Experience the magical moment where Aarhus' giant Christmas tree is lit up. Afterwards there will be entertainment and music.
Luciaoptog til lands og til vands
Oplev Aarhus’ største og mest særprægede Luciaoptog fredag den 13. december hvor lyset vil bæres frem til lands såvel som til vands.
Saint Lucy's Procession at ARoS Aarhus Art Museum
Take a peaceful break from the Christmas bustle and enjoy the breathtaking sight, when the most beautiful Saint Lucy’s Day procession in all of Denmark lights up in every colour of the rainbow high above Aarhus.
Changing of the Guard
Watch the changing of the Royal Life Guards everyday at noon when the Danish Monarchy takes residence in Aarhus.
Warm up in the Greenhouses
Get a break from the Christmas race and learn more about the plants and spices of Christmas.
The Christmas Parade
Every year The Christmas parade, followed by extended opening hours in the stores, will take place in Aarhus. The Christmas parade is a sure sign that Christmas has come to town, and the streets are invariably abuzz with people.
Celebrate New Years eve in Aarhus
What about spending New Year's Eve in Aarhus? No matter if you are celebrating New Years with just your partner or going to party with all your friends - you will find it all in Aarhus!