Randers by night

The Historic Market Town of Randers

Photo: Emir Smailagić

The town of Randers has its roots as far back as in the medieval times and is home to proud merchant traditions.

The history of the city

This is where you get to go shopping in Denmark’s very first pedestrian street, stroll along charming cobblestone streets flanked by the most incredible, old half-timbered houses; and here, Randers inlet meets Gudenåen, Denmark’s longest stream.

The history of Randers has been proven to date back to the 11th century, and you truly feel this walking down the town’s narrow medieval streets.

Through the ages, the town and its surrounding area has been the scene of plenty of drama and romance. For instance when King Frederik IV kidnapped the beautiful, noble maiden Anna Sophie Rewentlow from the castle of Clausholm Slot. Or when the resistance cell from Hvidsten Kro inn picked up weapons and British parachuting soldiers during World War II. Or when the town was the scene of one of the biggest uproars in Danish national history and the nobleman Niels Ebbesen killed Den Kullede Greve – The Bald Count – in 1340.

Shopping in Randers

In Randers, there is no doubt that you have arrived at one of Denmark's oldest market towns - and it is also here where you will find Denmark's oldest pedestrian street and a city center full of life both around shopping and café culture.

Rådhustorvet i Randers

Shopping in Randers

Photo: VisitRanders

Great activities

Randers is Denmark’s sixth largest town and is surrounded by nature – from the domes of Randers Regnskov Tropical Zoo in the town centre to luxuriant natural areas and blue waterways winding its way through the countryside, simply waiting for you to come and be active there.

Lystfiskeri i Gudenåen ved Randers
Photo: VisitRanders

Dive into some of Denmark’s cleanest water at Udbyhøj Strand beach, go down Gudenåen or through the vast jungle-like reed forests in Naturpark Randers Fjord in your kayak and get close to the water as well as the wildlife.

You can climb around in the treetops at Klatreparken, rush down the mountain bike trail in Fussingø Skov forest or slide down Denmark’s longest indoor water chute in the Water & Wellness water park, where you can also relax at Denmark’s largest sauna garden.

And if you are looking to catch a fish, Randers is the perfect place to go. You will find lots of fishing spots among the green reeds along Gudenåen as well as Randers Fjord inlet.

Cultural Activities and Visits to the Museum

Furthermore, Randers is a town that is simply buzzing with cultural activities and events.

Randers Kunstmuseum
Photo: Randers Kunstmuseum

Visit the local cultural venue, Værket, explore the art on display at Randers Kunstmuseum art museum, meet Elvis Presley and Jonny Cash at Memphis Mansion or stop by the local history museum, Museum Østjylland.

Find your way around Randers

Randers is situated in the very heart of Jutland where Randers inlet meets the Gudenåen stream, which allows you to enjoy the vibrant shopping and cultural scene in the town centre while being close to the peace and quiet in the stunning landscape near the water.

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