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Photo: Brian Rasmussen, Randers Regnskov

You are in for a spectacular nature experience during your stay in Randers, and you even get to meet exotic animals from the amazing world of the rainforest.

Randers as a town and Randers Fjord inlet running through Gudenådalen valley at the outlet leading into the Kattegat sea is an inviting setting for charming urban life combined with plenty of great fishing, sailing and watersport activities.

Randers Regnskov - Tropical Zoo
Photo: Randers Regnskov

Randers Regnskov - Tropical Zoo

In Randers Regnskov, you are in for a true tropic treat, complete with free-ranging monkeys, iguanas, sloths, jaguars, and a long list of other exotic animals. The rainforest is a bombardment of the s...

Green ExperienceWater & Wellness Randers
Photo: Water & Wellness Randers

Water & Wellness Randers

Water & Wellness Randers is Randers' new subtropical aqua park. Experience one of Denmark’s most modern and handicap-friendly aqua parks.

Memphis Mansion
Photo: Memphis Mansion

Memphis Mansion

Memphis Mansion in Randers is a tribute to Elvis Presley the King of Rock’n’Roll and to Conny Cash The Man In Black - and the facade of the museum is identical to Graceland in Memphis.

Naturepark Randers Fjord

Naturepark Randers Fjord

Naturpark Randers Fjord is among the largest nature reserves in Denmark, and this is where the fresh water meets the salt water in the Kattegat. On the stretch from the centre of Randers to the outlet...


Nature National park Fussingø

The park and forest Nature National park Fussingø near Randers is open to the public provides good opportunities for walking tours. Enjoy for instance the very beautiful view from Thomasbakke hill or ...

Høj Stene Burial Monument
Photo: Rógvi N. Johansen

Høj Stene Burial Monument

Experience Høj Stene, one of the oldest burial monuments in Northern Europe dating back to the Iron Age. This ancient monument is found near the banks of Gudenåen river and its historic barge puller t...


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