Family hiking in Dollerup Hills by Viborg

Family Holiday in Viborg

Photo: Jesper Maagaard

Bring your family on a lovely holiday in the beautiful and historical town of Viborg, which holds a plethora of adventure for everyone who would like to explore Danish national history.

Here, you as a family can combine fascinating cultural history with wonderful outdoor experiences and hours of hygge, fun and games for visitors of all ages.

Explore Historical Viborg

Explore Viborg’s majestic cathedral, hop on board the historical ship Margrethe I, queen of the Viborg lakes, or have a lovely picnic by Borgvold, Viborg’s oldest and most beautiful park. Here, you can rent boats, canoes, and pedalos for rides around the Viborg lakes, children can play on the playground, and you can get ice cream at the Borgvold Kiosken.

VisitViborg - sejltur med Margrethe 1

Sail with Margrethe I

Photo: VisitViborg

If you need to let out some steam, you can walk or ride your bike around the Viborg lakes. Along the way, you will be met by six large, transparent signs on which you can read about historical events that have played out on that very spot, you are standing at. See if you can overcome the challenges and carry out the tasks that you will find on the signs as you pass them.

Into Nature

Not far from Viborg, you will find a magnificent natural area with Hald Sø lake and the hills of Dollerup Bakker – a lovely place for an outing for the entire family, where children of all ages can join in on a hike through the rolling landscape. In the area surrounding the lake, you will find De fem Halder, where you can learn about part of the gallery of characters in the most prominent noble families in Danish national history, actually dating as far back as to the 14th century.

Legepladsen Børnenes Hald i Viborg

The Forest Playground

Photo: Janne Kragh Pedersen

Can You Conquer the Forest Playground?

The fortress ruins of Hald Ruin is a fun place for children to explore. Not far from there, young visitors to the area will be excited to find the forest playground, Børnenes Hald, where a turret is simply waiting to be conquered, they can climb on a wooden wild boar, or play on top of the medieval catapult.

Fun Times at Every Attraction

If you have time for a drive around Viborg’s surrounding region, great family experiences are lined up for you. Visit the underground limestone mines at Mønsted Kalkgruber and explore the intricate network of deep tunnels in the world’s largest limestone mines, that mine workers once pickaxed by hand. Jump on the mine train or explore the well-lit tunnels on your own. You will come past purling brooks and underground lakes, and you get to see where bats spend their winter hibernating.

Photo: Energimuseet

Visit The Energy Museum and learn about the physics, technology, and history of electricity. You can test your own energy consumption and experiment on reducing your CO2 emission by 70 percent before the year 2030.

At Hvolris Jernalderlandsby (Iron Age Village) north of Viborg, you can experience life during the Iron Age first-hand. When you go to Klejtrup Sø lake, you can visit Verdenskortet – a miniature edition of a world map, which from 1944-1969 was created at the rim of the lake by hand. Every continent sticks up as little islands in the water, and you get to jump from continent to continent.

Round off a lovely day with a stroll around the Hjarbæk harbour. Have dinner at the beautiful, old inn, Hjarbæk Kro, get an ice cream at the ice cream shop, and enjoy the view of the sun setting while relaxing on the pier.

Where Should You Stay?

You will find various kinds of accommodation in Viborg. Look for inspiration here.

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