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Family Holiday in Randers

Photo: Randers Regnskov

Bring your family for a day of fun that will make you feel as if you are under distant, subtropical skies surrounded by monkeys jumping around in the trees and tropical plants in Randers Regnskov Tropical Zoo.

Find the Best Family Activities

Treat your kids to a fun and active holiday and enjoy spending time together as a family experiencing Randers, Gudenåen, and the area’s many possibilities – indoor as well as outdoor.

Challenge yourself and each other or experience the Danish hygge together as a family – jump in the water for a quick dip or have a go at riding a bike on old railway tracks ...

Guide to the best family activities

Klatreparken i Randers

The Best Family Activities

Photo: Klatreparken Randers

Take Advantage of the Stunning Nature – and the Water

Explore the Coast and the Beautiful Inlets

Kyst- & Fjordcentret near Mellerup offers hours of fun for everyone who loves the outdoors. Here, you get to jump in a canoe, have crab races, and go snorkelling. Or you can watch and learn old crafts, make pancakes over a fire, or broaden your knowledge on fossils.

Accommodation tip: At Kyst- & Fjordcentret, you have the chance to spend the night in primitive quarters in a Lavvu, sleeping in a hammock, a tent, or shelters. If you prefer a bit more comfort, you can choose to rent a cabin or a room, as well.

Rent a Canoe and Explore Gudenåen from the Seaward Side

Bamsebo Camping between Silkeborg and Randers lets out canoes, and the campsite being idyllically situated right on the bank of Gudenåen, it is no hassle heading out on a day trip up Denmark’s longest stream. Pack your picnic basket and enjoy an unforgettable experience together in the stunning scenery. The stretch of Gudenåen from Bjerringbro to Randers is lovely and wide and without too many bends, which makes it the perfect experience for kids and novices.

If you would like to go out on the fjord, canoe rental is available at Randers Fjord & Feriecenter or Kyst- & Fjordcentrets kano- & bådudlejning. From here, you can go all the way into the heart of Randers and moor near the characteristic blue bridge, the Den Blå Bro in the centre of town. Den Blå Bro marks the spot where Gudenåen’s freshwater meets the salty water of the Kattegat sea, and from here, you have direct access to a lovely walk in the vast meadow of Vorup Enge, a natural area that runs as a green flank along the inlet around Randers. 

Get on the Ferry across Randers Inlet

Denmark’s smallest car-carrying ferry, Ragna, which is in fact part of a route that will take you past Denmark’s most treasured sights, Margueritruten, will take you out on a beautiful fjord crossing between Mellerup and Voer. Take in the splendid view of salt meadow from the charming cable ferry, Udbyhøjfærgen, that heads out from Udbyhøj lystbådehavn, an idyllic gem by the fjord. Here, you will find a place that will lend you all the right equipment such as a fishing net, stereo magnifier, crab catchers, and binoculars, so that you can get close to nature along the beach.

Take Advantage of the Stunning Nature – and (Perhaps) Get your Heart Rate Up

Hiking, cycling, and fishing

Photo: Bo Buzz Nørgaard

Would you like to go hiking and spend the night under the open night sky?

Bring your family to National Nature Park Fussingø & Læsten Bakker south of Randers. Start your day with a beautiful hike through the rolling terrain and get close to nature and wildlife. When the day is waning, you can settle in at the national park’s primitive campsite, where you can fall asleep under the stars. If you prefer to ride your bike, the area around Fussingø has great bike trails.

Lace up those hiking boots and walk along the pilot’s path, Lodsstien, along which you will go through spectacular landscape and among a rich wildlife. The path starts on the southern end of Udbyhøj, runs across Denmark’s smallest ferry crossing on Ragna by Voer-Mellerup, and continues on along the inlet all the way into Randers harbour. You do not have to take on the full route, but can easily just hike along part of it starting on the south end of Udbyhøj, by Voer or Mellerup ferry crossings, or on the harbour in Randers.

The spectacular barge pullers’ path will take you along Gudenåen in the footsteps of the barge pullers’ all the way into Randers harbour. Along the way, you come past Fladbro, which is where the streams of Nørreåen and Gudenåen meet. You can stop by the climbing park, Klatreparken Randers, or go for a walk among the wildlife in Randers Dyrehave and enjoy the sight of the lovely fallow dear.

And if you bring your fishing rod, you have a good chance of catching a pike, a perch, or perhaps a zander. Just remember, that everyone over the age of 18 must bring a valid fishing license.
The barge pullers’ path is equally spectacular for a bike ride, which you are allowed on the stretch from Fladbro to Randers.

Take Advantage of the Stunning Nature – and Reach the Top

Buckle up and accept the challenge presented to you at Klatreparken Randers. Here, you get to romp on ladders, stubs, ropes, nets, and balance beams, just as you can hang from a trapeze on one of the six tree-top climing-courses in the lush surroundings in Fladbro Skov. Send mum flying through the green leaves of the trees at high speed at one of the 30 zip wires. Or have fun at the big playground while having a snack at Skovhytten.

Should the weather not be with you, the indoor climbing park, Klatreautomaten in Randers, holds hours of climbing fun and games, too. If you are on the lookout for more local outdoor activities, you should go to Randers Dyrehave wildlife park, where you get to come very close to the impressive fallow and roe deer.

Jump in!

Water and Wellness water park is sure to be a big hit with kids of all ages. Here, you can go on one of Denmark’s longest water chutes either on a giant swim ring or simply on your own bum.

The water park has pools and water fun for guests of all ages. And an outdoor pool equipped with built-in sunbeds is an absolute favourite on a hot summer’s day. When you need a snack, the cafe at Water & Wellness serves ice cream, food and beverages.

Tip: Get a family cubicle when you find your changing room, which has plenty of room for everyone.

If you would like to go for a swim outdoors, go to the scenic Fussing Sø lake west of Randers at National Nature Park Fussingø and Læsten Bakker. The lake has a wooden pier and lavatory facilities, and you can enjoy your packed lunch on the big lawn or at the available benches and tables.

Udbyhøj Strand is a lovely beach near the inlet. It has been certified with the Blue Flag as a stamp of approval for its contribution to preserving the environment and scenery, and in 2019, the Danish Outdoor Council appointed it the beach with the cleanest water along the Danish coast.

Near the beach, you will find the charming marina, Udbyhøj Lystbådehavn, where there is a kiosk, lavatory facilities, and a fast food place during the summer months.

Culture for the Youngest Visitors

Some of the most interesting attractions in Randers are so close that you can walk from one to the other.

Museum Østjylland i Randers

Culture for the Youngest Visitor

Photo: Museum Østjylland

Randers is a town filled with contrast, and while walking through Denmark’s oldest pedestrian street with its cobbled stones, past the many charming half-timbered houses and industrial structures, you are never far from peace and quiet in breathtaking scenery by the water.

With its large, iconic domes, Randers Regnskov Tropical Zoo is the hallmark of Randers. Here, you are in for a truly amazing experience when the manatees swim over to greet you under the water, and the Komodo dragon comes close. Challenge dad on your way through the rainforest by having him touch real, live snakes and walk through a room with giant spiders dangling over his head.

Not far from there, you will find Museum Østjylland, where you can go looking for Lillefolket in an exhibit about life as it was once lived around the inlet, ’Livet ved Fjorden’. Through entertaining and humorous storytelling, the entire family can learn about life around Randers and the inlet during ancient times. Or stop by the piggy-bank museum, Sparebøssemuseet, the handicraft museum, Håndværksmuseet, or perhaps one of the three scout museums, Randers Spejdermuseum, FDF Museum and KFUK-spejdermuseum.

In Hadsten just outside Randers, you can even see one of the largest model railway exhibits in Europe at Modelbane Europa – an unforgettable experience for children of all ages.

Stop for a Bite to Eat

Mokajen - Randers Street Food
Photo: Mokajen - Randers Street Food

When you get hungry, you should treat yourself to a visit at Randers Street Food Mokajen in the town’s former sugar mill. Food for every palate is sold from the eight food stands, and you get to enjoy your lunch outside in the sun, right on the bank of the inlet.

Or visit the Gaia Papaya cafe at Museum Gaia, which is a museum of outsider art; here, you can enjoy a meal in amazingly colourful surroundings. Fru Flora is a retro cafe that invites you in for a break, a cup of tea, and a freshly baked bun in the cosy living room.

Find the Perfect Accommodation

Regardless of whether you prefer cosy camping life, a motel or hotel room, or perhaps something completely different, Randers has exactly what you are looking for.

Camping på Randers City Camp

Find the Perfect Accommodation

Photo: Randers City Camp

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