Aarhus of yore

Photo: Moesgaard Museum

Aarhus is an old Viking city, and you can still see that in the streets today. Aros, as Aarhus was called then, was founded around the year 750 around the area of Aarhus Cathedral. The location was perfect in the middle of Aarhusbugten, which was the perfect spot for trade.

One of the best places to experience Aarhus of the past is without a doubt Moesgaard Museum south of the city.

This architectural gem, where the building and ancient history literally grow out of the soil, offers exhibitions about the area’s history from the Stone Age until the Viking Age.

The interactive museum exhibitions offer something for all ages and is an example of museum work when it’s best.

At the centre of Aarhus, you can also feel a touch of history at the open air museum Den Gamle By. At the museum, you can explore a Danish town in 1864, 1927, 1974 and 2014.

The museum consists of old buildings from different towns and cities in Denmark, which have been rebuilt in the museum by the Botanical Gardens.

You can also experience the exhibition Aarhus Story, which takes you from Aarhus during the Viking age and up until today.

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