ARoS in the sun

Art and Architecture in Aarhus

Photo: Anders Trærup

If you are interested in art and architecture Aarhus will provide you with many reason to visit the city. There are wonderful handicraft workshops where you can watch the artist-craftsmen blowing life into glass or creating shapes out of clay in the open workshops.

You can also visit a wealth of galleries, exhibitions and art museums to see for yourself that arts and handicrafts are thriving healthily in this richly endowed, gently undulating landscape.

In the heart of Aarhus you will find Aarhus's top attraction within art - ARoS Aarhus Art Museum. The museum offers a unique experience when you are standing and gazing at the city from Your rainbow panorama.

ARoS Aarhus Art Museum

Photo: Anders Trærup

Moesgaard Museum

Photo: Moesgaard Museum

The Concert Hall

Photo: Musikhuset

Visit museums that focus on art and architecture and experience all the different ways that art and architecture are portrayed in Aarhus.

Notable buildings in Aarhus

Many of Aarhus's buildings are unique and fascinating and they all have a story about different building phases and times that we have seen through time.

Craft, gallery and design

Visit the city's galleries, see the working crafts workers and find unique design items. In Aarhus you will meet plenty of exciting and innovative art...

Hack Kampmann's buildings in Aarhus

More than anyone else, the Danish architect Hack Kampmann made his glorious mark on the city Aarhus during a very active period around 1900.

Aarhus School of Architecture

Experience the many exhibitions at the School of Architecture in Aarhus.

Museums with art and architecture

Aarhus City Hall

Aarhus City Hall - although over 75 years old, Aarhus City Hall is still a modern, functionalistic building that still houses the municipality of Aarhus and hosts major events throughout the year. Built by Arne Jacobsen and clad with Norwegian marble, it represents Danish design and arch...

A renaissance townscape

Den Gamle By houses a unique collection of Danish buildings with the oldest dating back to around 1550. The buildings from the Renaissance are remarka...

Aarhus Cathedral

The structure of Aarhus Cathedral has a long history. The cathedral is dedicated to St. Clemens, who was the Roman Pope 100 a.d. who died as a martyr ...

The Church of our Lady

The monastery here was set up by Dominican monks and was first mentioned in 1246 but was probly established in 1227. The Church of Our Lady now occupi...

The Infinite Bridge

Imagine a bridge on which you can walk and walk and walk. Without ever reaching the end. And in the most breathtaking scenery. This is exactly what yo...


Dokk1 had its grand opening the 20th of June 2015. This new culture- and multimedia house is ready to welcome citizens and guests in Aarhus - and all of you who would like to meet the future in your present.

Isbjerget (Iceberg)

The Iceberg – is a unique, Architectonic Gemstone In Aarhus and is a unique apartment building in the harbour area situated close to the city centre, ...


Navitas Science and Innovation is one of the many buildings which have recently emerged on the waterfront in Aarhus, close to the new Aarhus Ø city qu...

Aarhus Ø - Aarhus East

Aarhus Ø is a quarter which has been constructed by the expansion of the habour area close to the city centre.

The Harbour Bath

Go for a refreshing dip in the Harbor Bath located on Aarhus Ø. In the winter months you have free access to the circular diving pool, saunas, locker ...