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Isbjerget - The Iceberg on Aarhus Ø

Isbjerget, the Iceberg, is an iconic residential neighbourhood on Aarhus Ø that blends in with the many new and modern buildings on the new island in Aarhus. Its architectural expression is unique as it mimics the shape of an iceberg.

Isbjerget - a unique architectural gem in Aarhus

Isbjerget is designed by a combination of two Danish, one Dutch and one French design studio. The building is designed to maximise the sea views from the 208 rental apartments. The building is broken up in a criss-cross pattern, reminiscent of breaking up floating icebergs.

Another detail of Isbjerget is that the peaks of the roofs rise and fall in peaks and valleys, creating a visual shift that also happens when you see icebergs in real life. All 208 apartments are different, while the Iceberg as a building has become a landmark for the city.

Aarhus Ø

Discover Aarhus' new neighbourhood - Aarhus Ø. Take a little city tour and enjoy the area, see the new Lighthouse and enjoy a walk along the water - it's well worth it.

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