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Tips for a More Sustainable Stay

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Come and enjoy an incredible holiday in the Aarhus Region and have a positive impact on the environment while you are here. Here is a list of tips on how to spend a more sustainable holiday.


Hop on Your Bike or Public Transport

A cycling holiday is the perfect experience when you are in Denmark – and particularly in the scenic Aarhus region. If bringing your own bike is not an option, renting one or perhaps even an electric scooter can easily be arranged.

Furthermore, using public transport is extremely easy and convenient when you travel around the Aarhus region. All across Denmark, train lines connect all larger towns, and busses will take you from the smaller towns to most attractions. If you need to get a car for your visit, look into getting an electric car and where to recharge it.

Vejlsøhus Hotel ved Silkeborg i Søhøjlandet
Photo: Vejlsøhus Hotel og Konferencecenter

Book Green Accommodation

Sleep well and with a green conscience by choosing accommodation that makes a sustainable effort in their operations. In the Aarhus region, we have the pleasure of offering quite a few places of accommodation with green certifications such as Green Key and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

A large number of places make immense efforts to ensure sustainable operations, and information about their sustainability policies can be found on the hotels’ individual websites.


Eat at Organic Restaurants

Great food is a vital part of a great holiday, and in Aarhus, your options are endless when it comes to amazing restaurants that put their dedicated focus on using local ingredients, wasting less food and creating delicious vegetarian dishes. You will find restaurants in every price range, so come and let yourself be tempted by all the various options.

REUSEABLE To-Go-kopper i Aarhus
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REUSEABLE To-Go-Cups in Aarhus

In Aarhus, you can now enjoy your coffee or juice in sustainable deposit cups. And the best part is that you can easily and quickly return the cup anywhere in the city, get your deposit back and help reduce waste and protect our environment.


Power for Your Electric Car

Charging stations for your electric vehicle can be found all across the Aarhus Region.

Shopping at flea market in Aarhus
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Visit Local Markets

The Aarhus region offers a large variety of lovely markets, charming farm shops and other gastronomic experiences that are all popular among the locals, as well. Regardless of whether you are into modern food markets, rooftop bars or a visit with local specialist suppliers, the Aarhus Region has it all.

Furthermore, you have great chances of making unique finds at flea markets or tasting savoury, local specialities at food markets at Ingerslevs Boulevard in the heart of Aarhus on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

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Kanoer ved Randers Fjord
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Rent Your Equipment

Slip for bøvlet med at skulle slæbe på udstyr eller købe en masse nyt, som du ikke får brugt igen. Udnyt i stedet at du mange steder kan leje ting som cykel, kano, kajak, fiskegrej, mountainbike og meget mere til fornuftige penge.

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Water station with clean water in Aarhus
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Good habits

You probably already have green habits in your daily life, but many of us know that they are easily overturned when you are away on holiday. Be sure to hold on to your good habits whether they are sorting your waste, turning off the power or economising on your water usage.

Bringing along a water bottle and a bag when to go around the region is a great idea. Danish tap water is some of the cleanest water you will find anywhere in the world. Bring a water bottle and spare the environment the plastic and yourself the money.

Learn more about the Danish deposit return system for bottles

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Tourist Information Available Online

Returning from a holiday, you often bring home heaps of booklets that end up in the bin. Save the paper and remember that today, most booklets and information can be found online. On our websites, you can find great inspiration and information on what to do during your holiday in the Aarhus region.

Furthermore, we encourage you to follow us on social media where we post inspiration for your holiday in every corner of the Aarhus region.

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How can I know if a place offers a Green experience?

Many businesses are working hard to make their experiences more sustainable and environmentally friendly, while also providing you with a more personal and immersive experience.

You can look for certifications such as The Organic Cuisine Label (Det Økologiske Spisemærke) in gold, silver, and bronze, Green Key, and The Nordic Swan Ecolabel (Svanemærket), which are good guidelines to follow.

Tips for a more Green experiences

Enjoy a more Sustainable Holiday in the Aarhus Region
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On the website of The Danish Environmental Protection Agency, you can find useful advice with suggestions for activities in nature as well as information about nature

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