Julehjerter og julehygge i Viborg

Christmas in Viborg

Photo: Jesper Maagaard

Christmas in the old Danish royal town of Viborg is very special and attracts visitors from both near and far every year. Many consider Viborg to be one of Denmark's most cosy and beautiful Christmas towns. This may be due to the charming and historic town centre, which is perfect for celebrating Christmas. 

Viborg has a unique historic town centre and local enthusiasts have been refining and collaborating over the years to find the perfect Christmas atmosphere for the town. And even the Christmas elves now seem to have moved in.

Christmas Events in Viborg

Viborg is a cosy Christmas town with many activities and events throughout December. Get an overview here (opens in Danish).

Get to know Viborg as a Christmas town

When you visit Viborg during the Christmas season, it's like being drawn into a Christmas universe like nowhere else. Everything is organised, and Christmas shines everywhere, no matter where you are in the city - and no matter who you meet. Yes, even the elves seem to be very much at home here. Living in little gnome nests and even belonging to gnome clans such as forest gnomes, centre gnomes, warrior gnomes, teasing gnomes and turf gnomes - well, maybe you can find them too.

Start your Christmas visit at the impressive covered Christmas market on Nytorv, where you can be seduced by the cosy little stalls filled with handmade Christmas gifts, delicious Christmas delicacies and amazing flavours that will tantalise your taste buds and spread Christmas cheer in every bite. Then explore the small streets, alleys and squares and discover the historic city where fantasy, legends and Christmas cheer are brought to life. The shops are decorated, the Christmas cottage town has been resurrected and the angels are once again hanging beautifully in the Angel Garden at the Skovgaard Museum.

Find many more Christmas activities here.

Attractions - also during Christmas

Flavour your Christmas visit to Viborg with a visit to one of the city's attractions. An absolute must is a visit to Viborg Cathedral, the city's impressive landmark. Take a walk through the beautiful cathedral neighbourhood, and if you have some extra time, we recommend a visit to Latinerhaven and the Skovgaard Museum, which are also close to the cathedral.

The gates to history open wide when you visit Denmark's old royal city, the cathedral city of Viborg. A walk through the city is like a journey through the entire history of Denmark, where the people of Viborg today live in the centre of history with places like Viborg Cathedral School, the cathedral, Borgvold and Viborg Bryghus.

Events during December
Jul på Nytorv i Viborg
Par hygger i Viborg
Holiday in Viborg

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