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Weekend getaway in Randers

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In Randers, you can take a weekend trip that will surely provide you with experiences in both the city and nature. In Randers, there are great opportunities to combine unique cultural experiences with relaxing self-care and beautiful nature - here, the city and nature merge.

Randers is one of Denmark's oldest market towns, and the city is particularly known for its beautiful location close to the Gudenå River and Randers Fjord. Randers is also Denmark's 6th largest city and offers both culture and shopping. See the list below for the many exciting activities you can do in Randers and choose the ones that best suit you.

Wellness for Two

Are you into spa and wellness, steam baths, and sense sauna? Then Denmark's largest sauna garden in Water & Wellness is a really good place for a successful day of well-being and pampering. You will undoubtedly unwind in the delicious, relaxing surroundings.

Sauna i Water & Wellness Randers

Wellness for Two

Photo: Water & Wellness

The taste of Randers

Randers has both the traditional and the new - also in terms of food and drink. For example, taste the locally produced fruit wine, which wins prestigious awards, or the locally produced beer from a smaller craft brewery with the entire process done in-house.

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