Jul i Skanderborg
Himmelbjerget i Skanderborg
Photo:Per Bille&Michael Maagaard

Holiday in Skanderborg

Skanderborg is a charming market town located in the heart of the Lake District Søhøjlandet, surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful nature. The town offers a vibrant local environment with cozy shops, restaurants, and attractions, all conveniently within walking distance.

The Sky Mountain Himmelbjerget, situated close to Skanderborg, is a landmark for the entire Lake District and is just a few kilometers away from the idyllic railway town of Ry. Take a trip here and enjoy the magnificent view over the entire Lake District Søhøjlandet.

Find the Great Holiday Experiences in Skanderborg

Skanderborg offers a range of fantastic holiday experiences. Whether you're into nature or culture, activity or relaxation, there's something for everyone. Here are some of the best experiences you can have when visiting Skanderborg.

The classic experience in the Lake District is a trip with the world's oldest paddle steamer, Hjejlen, which takes you on a beautiful cruise between hills and forests, where you can disembark along the way and enjoy the view from the Sky Mountain Himmelbjerget.

Did you know that Skanderborg's beautiful beech forest gathers 40,000 music and life-loving people every summer for Denmark's most beautiful festival, Smukfest?

Strolling through Skanderborg, you get to enjoy the sight of the lovely old houses in Borgergade, changing exhibits in Kulturhuset, or grab a cup of coffee at one the town’s many cosy cafes.

Or, go for a swim in the newly established outdoor bath in Byparken behind Kulturhuset, called Bybad, or take your kids to the town’s new, fantastic playground, Sløngel Pladsen.

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The town Ry

Experience also the beautiful town Ry near Skanderborg. This charming railway town is idyllically situated at the foot of the Sky Mountain Himmelbjerget and close to Skanderborg and the picturesque Gudenå River in the stunning Lake District Søhøjland. Ry is a true gem that offers a unique atmosphere and breathtaking natural scenery.

Hygge i Ry ved Gudenåen

Ry at Gudenå River

Photo: Per Bille

Skanderborg - Part of the Lake Districts

Skanderborg is situated in the heart of the Lake District Søhøjlandet - one of Denmark's largest natural areas with lakes, forests, and mountains.

The Lake District, internationally known as Denmark's Lake District, is an absolute must-visit for those who enjoy active and beautiful nature experiences.

Himmelbjerget midt i Søhøjlandet

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