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Get the local guide Line Wageners best tips to A Hike Around Mols Bjerge in Djursland.

Tips for the best point of view

Couple on a Weekend Getaway in National Park Mols Bjerge on Djursland
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Mols Bjerge National Park

Most trails around Mols Bjerge National Park are hilly, bumpy, and narrow. Visitors with a walking disability as well as families with prams should stick to the handicap-friendly trails and to the area’s gravel and forest roads.

Mols Bjerge Stien på Djursland
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The path Mols Bjerge-stien

If you are an experienced hiker and are in good shape, you should treat yourself to the full hike along Mols Bjerge Stien, the 21 km Mountain Route.


The three Bronze Age mounds Trehøje

My personal favourite spots along the route are the stretches around Toggerbo and Trehøje.

Agri Bavnehøj på Djursland
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Agri Bavnehøj

The highest point at Mols Bjerge, Agri Bavnehøj (beacon), is situated 137 meters above sea level. From here you get an amazing view.


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