Get tourist information when you are in Aarhus

Tourist in Aarhus

What should you see when visiting Aarhus?

Here you will find a lot of information and inspiration to your stay and also how to get the best tourist information about attractions, events, shopping, restaurants, accommodation, transport, and much more in town. You can either visit more than 30 locations in and around the city, download the Visit Aarhus app or ask us different places in Aarhus.

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Tourist Information in Aarhus

Get tourist information about Aarhus

Get your questions answered about your stay in Aarhus. Find information and inspiration here or visit Dokk1 the bus station where you can get personal guidance and they are always glad to help. You can also use the daily updated online touch screens placed at more than 30 locations with information and activities.

A-Z Practical Information when you are in Aarhus

A-Z Practical Information when you are in Aarhus

Here you find information about emergency contacts, pharmacy, dental service, luggage storage, parking, and an overview of where you can find personal tourist information in Aarhus.

AarhusCARD – discover more

AarhusCARD: discover more

With an AarhusCARD you get free admission to more than 25 museums, attractions and activities in and around Aarhus.

Buy AarhusCARD and discover Aarhus the most cost-effective and convenient way

Buy the AarhusCARD online

Buy an AarhusCARD and discover Aarhus the most cost-effective and convenient way in 24, 48, 72 or 120 hours. Price from DKK 329

Summer holidays in Aarhus

Enjoy Summer in Denmark

Spend a great summer vacation in Aarhus, where you can enjoy the countless activities and experiences the city has to offer all summer long – for you and your family, you and your loved one, or perhaps you and your friends.

Download VisitAarhus app

Download Aarhus app


Visit Aarhus app er Aarhus’ officielle turistguide til alt, hvad du har brug for at vide, når du besøger Aarhus.

Find information og inspiration til oplevelser, attraktioner, aktiviteter, events, overnatning, shopping, restauranter, transport og meget mere. 


Visit Aarhus app is the official city guide to everything you need to know before and during your visit to Aarhus.

Find information and inspiration to attractions, activities, events, accommodation, shops, restaurants, transportation and much more. 


Visit Aarhus app ist der offizielle App zur Aarhus. Finden Sie hier Informationen zur Attraktionen, Aktivitäten, Übernachtungsmöglichkeiten, Geschäfte, Restaurants, Transport und vieles mehr.

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You can also search other events in our calendars. 

There is always something on in Aarhus. That's why we have selected some of this year's events which could be of particular interest for you when visiting Aarhus.

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You can of course also follow what's on through Facebook and Twitter and see what others recommend.

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