Easy going to the Aarhus Region

Photo: Aarhus Airport

Getting to Denmark and the Aarhus Region is easy. Denmark is a peninsula in Northern Europe, which means you can go by car or train from any of the North European countries.

Transport til Aarhusregionen


Fly to the Aarhus region

With two airports, national and international train connections, national and scandinavian ship connections and of course - a direct highway it is easy geting to the Aarhus region.

Buses to Aarhus Airport and Billund Airport

The buses enable you to quickly arrive in Aarhus. Here you can see arrivals and departures for the buses to Aarhus and Billund Airport

Aarhus Airport Buses - Billund Airport Buses

Aarhus is connected to all of Europe

Travel with Flixbus to Aarhus - from Hamburg, Berlin, Paris, Milan, Amsterdam, Vienna and many other cities across Europe. Click on the map, select Aarhus and you can now click on the city you want to travel from.

By bus to Aarhus

By car and bus to Aarhus

Getting around in Aarhus and in the entire Aarhus Region

Getting around

Going by bus, train, Letbane or car

Photo: Aarhus Letbane

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