Rikke Johansen, lokal guide i Viborg

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Photo: Tania Nørgaard

The locals know the area the best - they know about the hidden places, but also the must-sees, that you cannot miss. Follow in the locals' footsteps and explore the area through their specific recommendations.

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Rikke Johansen, lokal guide i Viborg
Photo: Tania Nørgaard

Rikke Johansen Smidt

Rikke works as a communications curator at Viborg Museum, and Viborg has been her home for the past 20 years.
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Rikkes best recommendations

Søren Pape, Jul i Viborg
Photo: Travis Lacy

Søren Pape Poulsen

Although Søren Pape Poulsen was a busy politician, he always had time to enjoy the many joys of Christmas.

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Sørens best recommendations

You should definitely visit Viborg Domkirke cathedral, either for one of the Advent services or on Christmas Eve. Here, there is room for peace and quiet and reflection, you do not have to perform, you simply have to be in the moment. I genuinely enjoy the hymns sung at Christmas, and on.

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