I bil til Aarhus

By car and bus to the Aarhus region

Photo: Anders Hede, VisitAarhus

Aarhus is in an excellent location close to the E45 motorway, which makes it quick and easy getting to and from Aarhus and the entire Aarhus Region. 

By car to the Aarhus Region

If you choose to go by car to Aarhus and the Aarhus Region, here is a quick and easy overview of the city's infrastructure, parking options and other tips.

I bil til Aarhus
Anders Hede, VisitAarhus
Busser til Aarhus

Airport busses

The buses enable you to quickly arrive in Aarhus. Here you can see arrivals and departures for the buses to Aarhus Ariport and Billund Airport.

Letbanen i Aarhus foran Dokk1
Aarhus Letbane

By Letbanen and by bus

In Aarhus and the cities i the entire Aarhus Region the large number of attractions, activities and shopping opportunities are easily reached by bus. Or you can take the bus to the woods and beaches.

Transport med bybusser i Aarhus

Getting around

It is easy getting around in Aarhus and the Aarhus Region - by biking, by bus, train, Letbane or by car.

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