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The best tips for LGBT+ and Pride in Aarhus

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Experience the joy and love at Aarhus Pride, celebrated every summer in Aarhus. Enjoy and explore the intimate and safe LGBTQ+ environment where you can be yourself. Embrace diversity and create unforgettable memories in Aarhus. 

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Monas tips for Aarhus

Discover Aarhus, a city where the focus is on diversity, safety, community, diversity, love, openness and tolerance.

  1. Aarhus Pride.
  2. Aarhus Pride for LGBTQ+

Monas Guide: Let's go!

Annual Celebration filled with Joy, Love and LGBTQ+ Support

Aarhus Pride is an annual event that radiates joy and love, where we celebrate and honour the amazing people who fight for LGBTQ+ rights all year round. We prioritise diversity and create an inclusive space where everyone can be themselves without fear of prejudice.

Feel free to bring the kids!

At Aarhus Pride, we emphasise that our celebrations are child-friendly, and therefore we ask that you dress appropriately and decently. However, we encourage creative and colourful costumes, especially during the parade, which is a central part of the Pride celebration. While it is not required to participate in the parade, I would highly recommend finding a good spot along the route to experience the atmospheric procession.

If you're travelling as a family with children, Aarhus Pride's children's stage will be a perfect stop where you can enjoy several musical performances.

Where are the best places to meet in Aarhus?

When the streets of Aarhus are not dressed in the colours of the rainbow, you can find me in the charming and winding streets of the Latin Quarter. Here I recommend a visit to Fatter Eskil, a place where the atmosphere is open and cosy and where there is often live music. If you're looking for more of a party atmosphere, GBAR, a former favourite of mine, is just a stone's throw away on the opposite side of the street.

GBAR welcomes everyone, whether you identify as queer or not. If you're hungry, Den Lille Kro is a great choice, a place that brings back memories of my childhood, family parties and the 80s. And when it's just a quick bite to eat, a simple cup of coffee or a cool beer, I head to Tanken i Graven. This casual café with outdoor seating is an oasis in the middle of the vibrant Latin Quarter.

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