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Julestemning i Silkeborg

Christmas in Silkeborg

Photo: VisitSilkeborg

Have an amazing December visit to Silkeborg’s wonderfully decorated town centre that simply oozes Christmas on every street and in every shop. 

Christmas Activities in Silkeborg

Find your Christmas presents there, have a delicious cup of hot cocoa, glögg, or coffee, and your cheeks will get nice and red during a couple of refreshing hikes through the Lake District.

At Jysk Musikteater, the programme holds Christmas and New Year concerts for children, in which one of most popular Danish children’s characters, Cirkeline, Romeo & Juliet, Paul Potts, and several other stars will make sure that you have a wonderful time – so, young as well as old are in for great Christmas experiences. Here, you can find information on even more Christmas events.

And among the wildlife at AQUA Akvarium & Dyrepark, they celebrate Christmas in a big way, as well.

Jul på Stougaarden

Christmas Market at Stougaarden

Photo: Stougaarden

If you prefer Christmas decorations, Christmas trees, and Christmas markets, all you have to do is bring your family along to Christmas at Stougaarden. Here, you get the chance to relive the good old days, as Christmas at Stougaarden is filled with pastoral bliss as well as a rustic feel. You can even meet the two miniature pigs, Gurli and Grethe, along with their many adorable piglets.

Gothenborg is a veritable Christmas eldorado where you can get those very special and unique Christmas presents for your loved ones, all created by skilled artists from across the country.

Or you and your family can go around the streets of Silkeborg on the lovely Christmas train or get on the iconic veteran railway between Bryrup and Vrads when the Christmas tree express leaves the platform.

Prepare your Christmas Holliday in Silkeborg

Which hotels are open on Christmas Eve, where can I eat and when can I go for shopping?

Jul på Stougaarden
Photo: Stougaarden

Christmas Opening Hours

Find a list of hotels, restaurants and attractions in the entire Aarhus Region, that are open during Christmas.


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