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Shopping in Silkeborg

Photo: Bo Nørgaard

Silkeborg is known for its outdoor life, but the city also offers wonderful shopping in the cosy shops where you can find everything from fashion and clothing to Danish design. And of course, you'll also find everything you need for a holiday where outdoor life is in focus.

Silkeborg - Denmark’s Outdoor Capital

Silkeborg is known as the Outdoor Capital of Denmark, which is also reflected in the large selection of clothing, equipment and outdoor gear you will find here.

Explore the cosy city centre, where you can shop and find great deals for a wonderful outdoor holiday. 

Along the way, you can also take a break for some food and snacks at one of the city's cosy cafés and restaurants.

Shopping hos Texas collective i Silkeborg
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Photo: Bo Nørgaard

See a selection of the city's shops below


Cykelfavoritten, bike shop in Silkeborg

Visit the original Cykelfavoritten shop and workshop in the heart of Silkeborg. Here you can both buy and rent bicycles, mountain bikes and electric bikes that are ready to use. Take a trip out into t...


Spider Sport, best store for outdoors

In the centre of Silkeborg, you'll find the city's friendliest outdoor store, where passionate outdoor enthusiasts are ready to help you get started on your adventure in Denmark's Outdoor Capital - en...


Glass workshop Yerst Glas in Silkeborg

Yerst Glas is a shop and glass workshop in Silkeborg, where you can buy glass art and watch it being created. Meet glassblower Mikkel Yerst and experience how he transforms age-old traditions into mod...


T.i.n.g. Lifestyle boutique with gifts, interior, furniture and much more

T.i.n.g. is a unique store in the centre of Silkeborg, where you can explore designer furniture, designer lamps, home accessories, clothes, jewellery, gift ideas and much more. Within design and furni...


TEXAS Collective - clothing, prints and tattoos

Step into the TEXAS Collective store in the centre of Silkeborg and discover a world of speciality goods for the discerning consumer. Dedicated to quality and history, here you will find items that st...


HAUSFRAU, style and fashion in Silkeborg

In Silkeborg you'll find the HAUSFRAU store, where you're guaranteed to find something great for your wardrobe. In the Hausfrau store, you can always get help and inspiration to create your own person...


Børnenes Kartel - a paradise for play and imagination in Silkeborg

Børnenes Kartel, the Children's Cartel, is a paradise for children, but also for parents who want to give their children high-quality gifts, decor and clothes. When you open the door to the store in S...


Heksekosten: Organic Grocery Store in Silkeborg

Heksekosten is an organic grocery store in the centre of Silkeborg. The store still gets its organic produce delivered in sacks in respect and harmony with nature, and you can just buy what you need a...


Nora Mø - a multi-brand store in Silkeborg

Nora Mø is a shop in Silkeborg and a universe of delicious quality, colours and Friday wine. In the cosy shop you will find a wide selection of exciting brands and bohemian inspired clothes.


Habengut - Vintage and Interior in Silkeborg

Habengut is a charming vintage and interior shop in the centre of Silkeborg, offering a treasure trove of gifts and souvenirs. Whether you're a tourist or a local, you'll always find unique finds and ...


In fact, in 2022, Silkeborg was named Denmark's Best Shopping City.

Events and activities

Every Saturday, Torvet in Silkeborg transforms into a lively market where you can find everything from flowers, fruit and vegetables to fish, cheese and honey.

Throughout the year you can also experience cosy and fun activities in the city centre - such as Late Night, Live Music, Summer Fun, Play Days and much more.

Did you not find what you were looking for?

Silkeborg offers a wealth of shops, and the above is just a small selection of the many shopping opportunities. Click on Shopping in Silkeborg to discover even more stores.

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Shops in Silkeborg


Photo: Silkeborg Kommune

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