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Simon Grimstrup - local in the Danish Lake District

The Lake District by locals

Photo: Tania Nørgaard

The locals know the area the best - they know about the hidden places, but also the must-sees, that you cannot miss. Follow in the locals' footsteps and explore the area through their specific recommendations.

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Simon Grimstrup - local in the Danish Lake District
Photo: Tania Nørgaard

Simon Grimstrup

Simon Grimstrup grew up in Ry, and today, he lives at Knøsgården out in the woodlands west of Himmelbjerget.
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Simons best recommendations

Thomas Frydenlund, lokal guide i Silkeborg
Photo: Alexander Håkansson

Thomas Frydenlund

Thomas is a local in Silkeborg and a father of three aged 8, 6, and 2. He knows his town and the area in general quite well – from a child’s perspective, as well.
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Thomas' best recommendations

Martin Graakjær Nielsen - lokal i Skanderborg
Photo: Tania Nørgaard

Martin Graakjær Nielsen

Martin Graakjær Nielsen, who is part Swedish, part Danish, was born in Western Jutland, spent his youth in Aarhus, and then moved to Skanderborg in 2009 – and according to him, he will stay there for the rest of his life.

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Roar and the Lava Carlsen Family

The Lava Carlsen family lives in Risskov on the outskirts of Aarhus and they love being close to the city, the forest, and especially the sea. 
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Meet the many locals in the Aarhus Region and take a look at the many tips they have for you.

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