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Experience more during your stay in Aarhus

Buy an AarhusCARD and get the most out of your stay.

Would you like your Aarhus experience to be affordable as well as convenient?

Then the AarhusCARD is just the thing for you!

With the AarhusCARD you have free admission to cultural attractions and museums in Aarhus, just as you have unlimited access to public transport for getting around the city.

Even your shuttle from and to the airport is covered by the card, and are you visiting by car, the card provides free parking in the underground parking facility beneath the Navitas building in the heart of Aarhus for the entire validity period of the card.

The AarhusCARD gives you additional value for your money, as you get a shopping discount in select stores, which makes even greater savings available to you during your stay.


24 hours DKK 329
48 hours DKK 449
72 hours DKK 599
120 hours DKK 749


24 hours DKK 165
48 hours DKK 225
72 hours DKK 299
120 hours DKK 375

See age limits and regulations for children here.

Read more about price and conditions here.

Quite a bit! See some examples below. 

Age: Age limit
AC: AarhusCARD

ARoS Aarhus Art Museum

Age   Child Adult with AC
   17    0,-    140,-    0,-

Den Gamle By - The Old Town Museum

Age   Child Adult with AC
   17    0,-    140,-*    0,-

Moesgaard Museum

Age   Child Adult with AC
   17    0,-    170,-*    0,-

Tivoli Friheden
(excluding ride tickets) (over 90 cm)

Age Child Adult with AC
 90 cm    140,-    140,-    0,-

Randers Regnskov (the Rain Forest)

Age   Child Adult with AC
   11    125,-    190,-    0,-

Rush Danmark

Age   Child Adult with AC
   4*    149,-    149,-    0,-

AQUA Aquarium & Wildlife Park

Age   Child Adult with AC
   11    100,-    165,-    0,-

Århus Håndbold home matches (handball)

Age   Child Adult with AC
   12    0,-    100,-    0,-

AGF home matches (soccer)

Age   Child Adult with AC
   17    0,-    100,-    0,-

See the whole overview right here

Yes! Get free transport and parking with the AarhusCARD.

Lightrail and buses

Airport transfer - Aarhus Airport

Airport transfer - Billund Airport


The answer is....

Are you spending your vacation in Aarhus? Or are you here for a long weekend? Would you like to see Aarhus on a budget?

Then you should get an AarhusCARD, which is available in different duration periods – 24, 48, 72 or 120 hours.

Have you been thinking “What should I see, while I am in Aarhus?”

In that case, the AarhusCARD is your answer. With this convenient card, you have the opportunity to see all the top attractions in Aarhus and save a great deal of money along the way.

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