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Sightseeing in Aarhus

In Aarhus you can easily reach most of the city's attractions on foot, and there are plenty to choose from. If you want to enjoy Aarhus’ beautiful natural surroundings, then within easy reach are the Marselisborg forest to the south and the Risskov woods to the north, with the beaches and the new urban harbour areas in between.

If you are new in town, the traditional and historical walks are a good way to get to know Aarhus, while you can also experience the city from rather different or unexpected angles – anything is possible! The highly trained guides from Service & Co. are at your disposal to help you customise a tour of city in whatever way you choose, and act as your guide thereafter. If you would rather explore the city on your own, then there are, of course, endless opportunities to do so.

Aarhus on your own

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Explore the city on foot

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Incoming and guideservice

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You simply cannot avoid feeling the vibrancy in Aarhus which is a city undergoing rapid development, with culture and creativity blossoming forth.

In the Frederiksbjerg precinct you will find gorgeous specialist shops offering high-quality foods and designs, delicatessens, side-by-side with charming cafés, classic Danish pubs, and excellent eating places.

Be sure also to explore the 'Latin Quarter' in the heart of Aarhus with its narrow cobblestone streets, cafés and small shops.

Visit the large number of interesting museums and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere in the shops and cafés, in the streets and lanes, where you can clearly feel that Aarhus is an old city steeped in a long and fascinating history.

Guided tours

All the year round in Aarhus you will find regular tours to experience the history of the city, major attractions as well as charming cobblestone streets and alleys to feel Aarhus's pulse.

Hop On Hop Off City Sightseeing Aarhus

Due to the corona virus, the Hop On Hop Off buses are not running in 2020.


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Sunbeams over Aarhus

Experience the amazing nature, the fresh air, and the sunshine on these routes in Aarhus.

Green excursions

Bring the family, picnic basket and hiking boots and go on an adventure in one of Aarhus many pretty green forest areas.

Experience Aarhus on your own. Discover history, culture, buildings, attractions and much more. Enjoy your stay.

The History Route

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Hiking and running trails in Aarhus

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Aarhus by bike

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