Aarhus on your own

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There is rich opportunity to explore Aarhus on your own - read more here. 

Are you going by foot, bike or bus? You will have plenty of opportunities to get around when you want to explore Aarhus. Get inspired to take a walk in the city's many streets and quarters. Rent a bike and enjoy the nature along the coastline towards Risskov or through the forest on your way to Moesgård Beach.

If you plan to explore the city centre we recommend you to use your feet as a means of transportation but if you want to see a bit more of the city and decide the route and speed yourself while getting some exercise you can easily use a city bike.

If you want to enjoy the nature but you are not entirely sure where to go you can get inspiration from 7 planned routes called "Sunbeams over Aarhus". These trips take you around many beatiful parts of Aarhus and the outskirts of the city. For every route you can read a detailed description. The routes do not exist in print but you can download them from the Natural History Museum's website.

And much more ...

The locals know their areas, they know about the little, quirky, hidden places, and also about the absolute 'must-sees', that you should not miss. Follow in the footsteps of one of the locals and explore the areas ‘like a local’.

Jon Edlund - your local guide to Aarhus
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