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Art route along the water with the Opdag Aarhus app

The Art Route along the Water at Opdag Aarhus (Discover Aarhus) is a route that runs along the water past impressive murals, beautiful sculptures, video and light art and much more. 

Behind the works are a wide range of different artists. Immerse yourself in the individual works and enjoy a lovely walk, where you also get the opportunity to stretch your eyes out over the water.

The Art Route along the water

The Art Route along the Water is a walking route where you are guided from craft to craft and along the way you can experience Aarhus from the water's edge. You will pass beautiful and unique murals, historical traces and impressive viewpoints.

Opdag Aarhus - Discover Aarhus

The art route along the water is one of many walking routes in Aarhus gathered in the app Opdag Aarhus. Here you can explore Aarhus' many hidden gems and wonderful experiences. You can also choose the Historical Route, the Nature Route, the Architecture Route, the Communities Route and more.

Artwork on the Art Route along the water

On the Art Route, you can enjoy and hear about the works below in the app:

  • Mural by Viviana Rubiano
  • The link to heaven by Mikkel T. Jessen
  • The history of Denmark on asphalt by Pernille Rosenfeldt
  • Against the Current" by Mikkel T. Jessen
  • Peter Sabroe by Elias Ølsgaard
  • The Eel Catcher by Jens Bregnø
  • Nicoline Koch by Liné Thordarson
  • Signs of Life by Jamie Linley
  • Sea Pink by Marc Moser
  • The Viewpoint by Circuit Circus
  • Siren by Prince Henrik
  • Endless Connections by Jeppe Hein
  • Poseidon by A-kassen
  • The Sailor by Johannes Hedegaard
  • Magic Mushrooms by Elmgreen and Dragset
  • The Same for Everyone by Nathan Coley
  • Historical Traces" by Jens Galschiøt
    Many shall know by AROE, Gary, Norm, Ework and Storm
  • Mural by Hendrik Beikirch
  • Sail in harbour by Erik Heide
  • The Garden in the Machine by Jesper Just
  • Untitled by Tove Storch
  • Mural by Peter Birk
  • Mural by Malakkai and Balstrøm
  • Enrico Mylius Dalgas by Rasmus Andersen
  • Echo Monument by Karen Land Hansen
  • La Sirene by Corneille
  • Mural by NADA

When you arrive at Marselisborg Marina, you can take a walk along the boats and stop by artist Eske Touborg's gallery. Every year in June, the art festival Seek-festival is also organised in the area.

You can find the Art Route and the other routes on web maps or download the app in the App Store or Google Play.

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