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Bus on Knudrisgade in Aarhus

Tour suggestions

Photo: VisitAarhus

You can book a guided city walk in Aarhus and immerse yourself in its history for a more personal and rather different experience of the city and the many gems which Aarhus has to offer.

A city walk can be arranged in many exciting and interesting ways depending on the perspective you and your guests wish for your tour: the history of Aarhus, its cultural community, architecture, population, demographics, etc., etc.

On this page you can find inspiration for your chosen walk in the city, while you also have the opportunity to arrange it in full accordance with your personal preferences.

All tours must be booked in advance 

For further information please contact the incoming agencies or guideservices.

Enjoy the Aarhus city center

Suggestions for themes

Photo: VisitAarhus

The architecture of Aarhus then and now

Over the years, a string of architects have left their unique mark on the cityscape of Aarhus. On this tour we follow in the footsteps of a couple of these to get a closer look at the buildings and spaces they designed which make the city particularly fascinating to move around in. One of the architectural pearls you could choose to visit is the Aarhus Theatre, designed by the architect Hack Kampmann (1856-1920), one of the city's leading architects of the time. From here you walk on to the Concert Hall park, which is encircled by modern, distinctive buildings, all designed by leading Danish architects during the 20th and 21st centuries.

Aarhus' unique quarters

Listen to the stories about the origin of the Frederiksbjerg quarter, about new arrivals and about Hack Kampmann's visionary plans for a city quarter of avenues and boulevards à la Paris or about the new architecture on Aarhus Ø. Dive into the Latin Quarter's quaint and cobbled streets or hear about the creation of Aarhus University and the University park and what happened there during the 2nd World War. 

Cemetery walk - the city's most beautiful cemetery

Immerse yourself in history through impressive monuments and graves of many of Aarhus' historical figures, such as Dalgas, Filtenborg, and Peter Sabroe, whose last resting-places can still be found in the North Cemetery.

In the footsteps of the Vikings

Hear all about the Viking Age in Aarhus, about the Aarhus River and its significance for the founders of the city of Aros. This tour includes a visit to the Viking Museum which provides excellent insights into life in Aarhus during the Viking Age. Another distinctive building from this period is the Church of Our Lady with probably Scandinavia’s oldest crypt dating back to around 1060.

Bus tours

Photo: Moesgaard Museum

City bus tour

On a conducted city tour of Aarhus you will be introduced to a fine string of the city's sights. On this tour you will drive through the city's old and beautiful streets out to the Aarhus harbour and on to the south part of the city, passing Marselisborg Palace, the summer residence of the Danish royal family, and the Marselisborg Memorial Park. On this tour you can also choose to drive by Aarhus University, the City Hall, Concert Hall Aarhus, the ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum with Your rainbow panorama, the 'Den Gamle By' (The Old Town), Scandinavian Congress Center, and many other attractions.

Harbour sightseeing by bus

Experience the Aarhus harbour at close quarters. This tour will take you on an exciting round tour of the Aarhus harbour. On this tour you will get a good impression of the many activities taking place in the Aarhus harbour area – one of Northern Europe’s biggest harbours and the city's largest workplace. All along the tour, the guide will tell you about the businesses passed on the way as well as the activities going on in the harbour area. The guide will also touch on the plans for the extension of the Aarhus Harbour as well as telling you about those parts of the urban harbour areas which have already been completed.

Guided bus tour around Aarhus

A tour arond Aarhus will take you through the beautiful countryside surrounding the city.

ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum

Conducted tours

Photo: Anders Trærup

You can book a conducted tour of the city, or add extra spice to the city walk or city bus-tour of your choice by including a visit to one or more of the large number of attractions and heritage museums in and around Aarhus. You decide whether you want to include it as part of a tour programme, or whether to make it a separate conducted tour of your chosen attraction.

Aarhus City Hall

In addition to magnificent architectural spaces and details, this functionalistic gem designed by Arne Jacobsen and dating back to 1941 also offers fabulous views of city from the City Hall tower as well as an insight into the local government.

Den Gamle By - The Old Town

See what everyday life was like in the old houses with important elements from the history of Denmark focussing on the period from 1500 right up to the Old Town's latest quarter in the 1970s.

ARoS og Your rainbow panorama

Say hello to BOY and hear all about the art museum's architecture and fascinating collections. Here you can experience both early and brand-new modern art; installation art in the nine rooms in the basement; and perfectly unique views of the city through the multi-coloured glass inside Your rainbow panorama.

Aarhus Cathedral

800 years of Denmark's church history on display for you in Denmark’s longest church. Among the treasures are the many fascinating frescos, the triptych from 1479, and one of Denmark's most impressive baroque monuments commemorating landowner and baron Constantin Marselis. 

Church of Our Lady (Vor Frue Kirke)

In the Church of Our Lady you can experience more than 1,000 years of history in its three beautiful churches: the Crypt Church, the Abbey Church, and the Church of Our Lady. The crypt under the church houses a piece of sensational history – Scandinavia's oldest vaulted crypt dating back to approx. 1060, forgotten and found again by coincidence. And in the cloister garth you can still sense the footsteps of the chanting Dominican monks.

The Woman's Museum

The Women's Museum in Denmark is one of the few places in the world which is devoted entirely to the subject of the life and conditions of women in recent times. The museum presents changing exhibitions with a variety of themes on the everyday life of women and their art and crafts.

The Viking Museum

The Viking Museum is a very special museum where you travel back in time to the town of the Vikings. Here, a guide can tell you all about finds that are more than 1,000 years old and which were found at this very spot.

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