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Tour suggestions for groups

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Take a historical or cultural journey through Aarhus and discover the city's hidden gems in a personalized way. Explore the Aarhus Region with a tailor-made tour with a theme that captures your and your guests' interests. Experience the best of everything the Aarhus Region has to offer!

You can focus on history, culture, architecture, demographics, and much more. Take a bus tour, a walking tour, or create a self-drive tour around the region.

On this page, you will find inspiration on how your tour can be put together, but you also have the opportunity to help shape it so that it gets your very own personal touch.

Contact a professional travel organizer or guide company that specializes in customizing a program specifically tailored to you and your guests, and inquire for details and price quotes.

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Suggestions for themes

The architecture of Aarhus then and now

Over the years, a string of architects have left their unique mark on the cityscape of Aarhus. On this tour we follow in the footsteps of a couple of these to get a closer look at the buildings and spaces they designed which make the city particularly fascinating to move around in. One of the architectural pearls you could choose to visit is the Aarhus Theatre, designed by the architect Hack Kampmann (1856-1920), one of the city's leading architects of the time. From here you walk on to the Concert Hall park, which is encircled by modern, distinctive buildings, all designed by leading Danish architects during the 20th and 21st centuries.

Aarhus' unique quarters

Listen to the stories about the origin of the Frederiksbjerg quarter, about new arrivals and about Hack Kampmann's visionary plans for a city quarter of avenues and boulevards à la Paris or about the new architecture on Aarhus Ø. Dive into the Latin Quarter's quaint and cobbled streets or hear about the creation of Aarhus University and the University park and what happened there during the 2nd World War. 

Lighthouse på Aarhus Ø
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Latinerkvarteret i Aarhus
Photo: Francesca Dolnier

World War II in the Aarhus Region

Step directly into the dramatic history of World War II in the Aarhus Region. Visit the Occupation Museum in Aarhus and delve into everyday life during the war as well as the heroic struggle of the resistance movement. Explore bunkers in Silkeborg, where the German occupation had a military headquarter, and feel the unique atmosphere. And visit, for example, Hvidsten Inn, where the Hvidsten Group was located during the war.

Medieval times, battles, and weapons

Across the Aarhus Region, you can delve into the Middle Ages and the many interesting stories from this time. At "De fem Halder" near Viborg, you can experience 800 years of Danish history, at Museum Østjylland in Randers you can learn about how Danish people lived in the Middle Ages, while at Grathe Heath, you can get the story of the most important battle in Denmark of the Middle Ages.

In the footsteps of the Vikings

Hear all about the Viking Age in Aarhus, about the Aarhus River and its significance for the founders of the city of Aros. This tour includes a visit to the Viking Museum which provides excellent insights into life in Aarhus during the Viking Age. Another distinctive building from this period is the Church of Our Lady with probably Scandinavia’s oldest crypt dating back to around 1060.

Ruinen Hald Slot ved Viborg
Photo: Jesper Maagaard
Anden Verdenskrig
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