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From Michelin to street food

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The gastronomic scene in Aarhus offers a high level of quality, variety and creativity. Local produce is key to many of the city’s eateries. With several Michelin starred restaurants and two highly popular food markets there is no doubt that food holds a special place in the city’s heart.

Michelin arrangement i Aarhus

Michelin restaurants in Aarhus

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Casual fine dining at a Michelin-starred restaurant, an intimate dinner at the local in, mouthwatering smørrebrød or informal street food enjoyed at long tables – perhaps making new friends. Aarhus has something for every taste! At restaurants across the city you can taste, enjoy and experience world-class gastronomy with tantalizing dishes made from organic and sustainable produced ingredients.

During the past years Aarhus has established itself not just as Denmark’s second city but also as Michelin host city in 2019 as well as center of the European Region of Gastronomy and the city is now a s a strong gastronomic force to be reckoned with.

In terms of innovation and driving a sustainable agenda Aarhus also punches above its weight – from big businesses to higher education and smaller producers.

Frivillige ReThinkers til Det Gode Bord 2017 - Food Festival Aarhus

Food Festival

Photo: Per Bille, Ry-foto.dk

The largest food festival in Scandinavia

Every year in early September, food lovers can explore the amazing world of food at the largest food festival in Scandinavia, ‘Food Festival’. This event attracts the finest chefs, local suppliers and foodies for a three days festival revolving around gastronomy, sustainability and food culture – and of course the iconic best-hotdog championship.

World-class gastronomy in the Aarhus Region

Not only Aarhus but the whole Aarhus Region is a gastronomic centre of excellence that pays tribute to fresh, locally produced ingredients, homemade specialities and great taste. Together, impassioned chefs and spearheads within agriculture and fishery have developed a culinary culture with high quality creating unique experiences for the palate as well as the soul.

All over the region you will find local suppliers, farm shops and microbreweries using the nature’s pantry. In recognition of these tremendous efforts the region has been awarded the honourable title of ‘European Region of Gastronomy’.

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