Børn på vandretur i Søhøjlandet

Take the kids on a hiking trip in the Lake District Søhøjlandet

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Do you love hiking and would you like to turn it into a family outing? Then Søhøjlandet by Silkeborg, Denmarks Outdoor Capital, is the perfect place. Here you'll find small hills, lakes and forests- and plenty of interesting wildlife to explore and discover together, while investigating.

Prepare for the trip.

You could try playing travel bingo. Simply create a bingo board with some of the different things and experiences you might encounter along the way. Agree on a small prize in advance if you find a certain number of things on the bingo board. It's fun and ensures that the kids have something to focus on during the trip. Or come up with other fun games for the trip.

Get 10 Good Tips For Hiking With Children

NOTE: Be aware that parts of the hiking route may be flooded during certain seasons, so check the weather before you set off.

Put on your hiking shoes and start with a trip to the observation tower on Himmelbjerget, where you have a wonderful panoramic view over Julsø. At Himmelbjerget, you'll find good child-friendly hiking trails (marked in yellow on the signs) that lead you through the magnificent landscapes and fantastic views of Søhøjlandet. It is also possible to hike to the top of Himmelbjerget from the railway town of Ry.

In Silkeborg, you'll find the certified family trail around Almind Lake. The beautiful 4.2 km route offers fabulous views of the lake and leads you to the curved bathing bridge, where tall green trees are reflected in the lake water.

At the small kiosk, Woody's, you can enjoy a cup of coffee and an ice cream, and take a dip in the lake's refreshing clean freshwater. So remember to bring your swimwear.

Lakeside Bath in Almind Lake by Silkeborg

Almind sø seen from above

Photo: Roar Paaske

North of Silkeborg, there's the opportunity for a slightly longer hike on the historic hiking route Trækstien, where you can walk in the footsteps of the barge pullers. On the trail, which beautifully winds along the brink of the Gudenå River and over wooden bridges all the way to Randers, lies the four-winged half-timbered farmhouse Svostrup Kro, where you can feel the breeze of history while taking a well-deserved rest and enjoying a delicious lunch.

At Kongensbro Kro, also located along the hiking route, you can recharge while enjoying an ice cream in the sun. The Trækstien trail can be easily divided into sections, depending on how far you want to go.

Check out the five sections of the route here (danish).

More hiking trails

It's fun to be together in nature, including on hiking trips. Make sure to prepare yourselves - create small games and fun competitions - who can find the most pine cones? How many pill bugs are there on your route - and much more.

Hiking trails in the Søhøjlandet area.

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