Dicte i Your rainbow panorama på ARoS, Aarhus

Dicte's Aarhus

Dicte ved Rådhuset i Aarhus

Follow in Dicte's footsteps

Do you know the crime series Dicte? Are you curious about Dicte's Aarhus and where it was filmed? Follow Dicte's footsteps and experience the thrilling Aarhus you know from the popular series. See if you can find all the crucial locations, and relive the story through your own eyes.

Walking in Dicte's footsteps

Go exploring in Dicte's footsteps – go chasing criminals with her and looking for clues in the murder mysteries set in Aarhus.

Dicte season 2

Dicte is back in Aarhus! Season 2 once again takes you off to explore Aarhus – see some of the places here.

Dicte sæson 3

Once again, we get to follow in Dicte’s footsteps through Aarhus. We give you a quick guide to some of the key locations in season 3 of the popular cr...

Elsebeth Egholm's Aarhus

In a brief interview Elsebeth Egholm, the author of the Dicte Svendsen crime stories, outlines what she likes to do and see in Aarhus and explains her...

Who are Dicte, Wagner and Bendtsen?

Photo: Martin Dam Kristensen

Dicte on TV2

Photo: TV2