Your rainbow panorama i Aarhus

Dicte sæson 3

Photo: ARoS

Once again, we get to follow in Dicte’s footsteps through Aarhus. We give you a quick guide to some of the key locations in season 3 of the popular crime series Dicte.

Åboulevarden and Dicte’s place of work

Dicte still works at Dagbladet at Åboulevarden. You will find the address on top of Herr Bartels, where Åboulevarden meets Harald Skovbys Gade.

Vejlby Church

Vejlby Church is shown numerous times this season, as it is the scene of a wedding as well as a funeral. You will find the idyllic little church near the Børglum Dormitory.

Børglum Dormitory

Børglum Kollegiet is an often used location, as Dicte’s daughter, Rose, lives there. The dormitory is easily recognized because of its characteristic architectural style, and it is a popular place for the local students to live.

Tivoli Friheden

The plot of one of the Dicte season 3 episodes is a robbery that takes place at Tivoli Friheden. You can visit the beautiful and magical amusement park within walking distance of the city centre.

Other locations

The popular crime series brings us to lots more familiar places in Aarhus. Visit Aarhus Police Headquarters, the City Hall Park, Hotel Atlantic, Aarhus Central Station and DOKK1, and see if you can locate the exact spots where various scenes have been filmed.

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