Celebrate New Years in Aarhus

New Year's Eve in Aarhus

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What about spending New Year's Eve in Aarhus? No matter if you are celebrating New Years with just your partner or going to party with all your friends - you will find it all in Aarhus! In this guide you will find an overview of the different hotels and restaurants that are open around New Years. What you will read below is related to New Year's Eve 19/20. 

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Hotels that are open on New Years

After a long night out, you will be able to lie down and sleep in at your centrally located hotel. There are many different hotels that are open every hour of every day. Here are some of the hotels you can choose amongst:

First Hotel Atlantic
Helnan Marselis HotelHotel RoyalRadisson Blu Scandinavia HotelScandic Aarhus CityComwell Aarhus

Restaurants that are open on New Year's Eve

To every perfect New Years celebration, great food and wine is a must! Who knows? Maybe the next great gastronomic experience awaits - just around the corner? Try a delicious New Years Brunch at Restaurant Langhoff & Juul, nominated best in town 2017 or go all in at the Michelin restaurant Domestic where you can enjoy a special 5 course New Years menu.

You can celebrate New Year's Eve at Mefistoor Nordisk Spisehus, where you enjoy 4 delicious servings and have the opportunity to watch HM The Queen of Denmark's New Years speech, a Danish New Years tradition.

New Years Celebrations in Aarhus

The whole city center will be buzzing on New Years and you will find special New Years celebrations in almost every pub or club on the strip "Åboulevarden". 

New Years concerts in Aarhus

When the New Years celebrations have passed and the champagne bottles are empty, you have the opportunity to experience one of many unique New Years concerts at the Music Hall Aarhus

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