Detect Aarhus

DETECt Aarhus

Use your smartphone and discover Aarhus by unlocking trailers, interviews, behind-the-scenes footage and much more on your way through the second biggest City in Denmark.

Look behind the scenes of popular films & crime series produced in Aarhus. Meet Aarhus-based authors of crime novels. Learn about the city’s silent film history – and the characters and crimes that shaped it.

Navigate to and move along three walking tours. Each tour takes about an hour.

Try the web app by clicking here or watch the trailer here.

It’s all for free and all in English.

DETECt Aarhus on Screen

Detect Aarhus

Discover locations from popular Danish series and films.

Get behind the scenes of TV 2's 'Dicte'. Discover sites of stunt-scenes with location scout Ulla Malmos and many more criminal sites of the city. Watch trailers of Aarhus-based films and find out why Aarhus is such a good place to shoot movies. This tour also contains plenty of recommendations for food and drinks on the way.

Click here with your smartphone to access “DETECt
Aarhus on screen” or take a look at the trailer.

When Aarhus was Hollywood

Discover the history of silent film production in Aarhus.

110 years ago, Aarhus was a centre of silent film production in Europe. The city was home to silent film pioneers like Thomas S. Hermansen and his film factory. The tour introduces you to the city’s hidden silent film history and some of its most controversial stories. 

Click here with your smartphone to access “When Aarhus was Hollywood” or take a look at the trailer.

Literary Aarhus

Meet authors inspired by Aarhus.

In this tour, you can meet famous Aarhus-based authors of crime novels in the places that have inspired their work. And find out why Aarhus is "a perfectly suitable place to murder people" - in novels of course. You can listen to their stories and see the city from a new perspective.

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to access “Literary Aarhus” or take a look at the trailer.

How to use “DETECt Aarhus”

The DETECt Aarhus web app is a locative screen tourism experience that can be reached directly through the browser on your smartphone.

To use the web app you have to be in Aarhus but you can assemble your tour as you want. You only have to be very near to the stories – that are called “Motes” – to unlock the stories of the themed tours.

The DETECt Aarhus web app is developed by Aarhus University and VisitAarhus as a part of the research project DETECt


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